Cold Shoulder

25 Aug

White Off The Shoulder Top

Pink Anthropologie Hat with Off the Shoulder Top

If there’s one piece I wish I would have utilized more this summer it’s this pink Anthropologie hat. I brought it to Florida with me in July, but other than that it’s been sitting in my closet. Since summer is rapidly coming to a close, I knew I had to take it out for one last spin. I mean, I told my mom that I had to have this hat when I saw it in the store. I took like 15 pictures of myself wearing it at Anthropologie, and my mom must have gotten the hint, because it showed up in my Easter basket earlier this year. I love it, but there aren’t too many opportunities here in Cincinnati for a hat like this.

Something that has gotten a ton of wear this summer? My LOFT off-the-shoulder top. I actually ordered this in petite off the website because I wanted it so badly. I wear it with pretty much everything, and I’ll even pull the sleeves up and wear it as a normal top, too. Gotta love versatility!

Denim Shorts with Off the Shoulder Top

Dune London Sparkly Sandals

Pink Anthropologie Hat

Pink Hat Casual Summer Outfit

Loft Off The Shoulder Top (on sale!) | Gap Denim Shorts | Anthropologie Hat (similar) | Dune London Sparkly Sandals

Week In Review

21 Aug


image via

I can’t believe how quickly the week went by! I don’t have a single social commitment this weekend, and I’m kind of excited about it. I need sleep. Even though I’ve slept well this entire week, I’ve still felt so drained each day. I think that’s a sign of how much we all do in the summer. I know I’m on the go all day and then usually have post-work meetings or commitments afterward. By the time you get home and sit down, I think it hits you how tired you are. That’s the case for me, at least. At least these busy days are making me sleep like a baby!

If you’re looking for a song to become obsessed with, I have one for you that I cannot stop listening to! Seriously, it probably gets played 10 times a day. If you loved the Clean Bandit song “Rather Be”, then you’ll love Jess Glynne’s “Hold My Hand”! She’s actually the one who signs on the “Rather Be” track, and I love her voice. “Hold My Hand” is upbeat and fun, and a great song to pump you up for the weekend.

House Beautiful recently published a guide to sparkling wines. Of course, I perked up when I read this because I love anything sparkling. Since there are so many sparkling options out there, it can be tricky knowing the differences between them. This guide will help!

Sparkling Wine Guide

Dori Csengeri makes jewelry that is unique and statement-making, and these earrings are no exception! I love when a designer successfully mixes a bunch of colors into one piece, which is why I was drawn to these. These also happen to be clip-ons, so your ear lobes won’t pull as much when wearing them. I know I avoid heavy earrings at all cost. Nobody wants droopy ears!

Dori Csengeri Earrings

Bauble Wish List: J.Crew Jewels

19 Aug

It feels like it’s been forever since I did my monthly Bauble Wish List. I thought today would be especially fitting because I was on J.Crew’s site yesterday, and HOLY COW do they have some incredible pieces right now! I’m not going to lie, I haven’t paid much attention to J.Crew’s jewelry in the past year or so. I have some of my favorite pieces of jewelry that are from J.Crew, but they were 2012 purchases. After that, I kind of stopped seeking out their jewelry section for whatever reason. I honestly just think I forgot about it. Whatever the case, I spent about an hour last night oohing and aahing at their selection.

J.Crew Colorful Statement Jewelry

Top Row: Mardi Gras Necklace | Palm Earrings | Mixed Stone Necklace

Bottom Row: Bright Multicrystal Necklace | Crystal Beaded Earrings | Crystal Foliage Necklace

Just take in all that color. I have to say I’m impressed! I love the styles and gemstones of each piece. It can be tricky mixing colors in a tasteful way, but J.Crew hit it out of the park on this selection. I think each of these pieces can be worn so many ways, and they really don’t seem like they’d be too limiting. I’m heading to Kenwood Towne Centre later this week, so I can’t wait to get an up close and personal look at these!

Picnic in the Park

18 Aug

Colorful Picnic Blanket Ideas

Sorry for my radio silence the last week! Between work, my boyfriend visiting and getting settled into a new place, I haven’t had any downtime. The downtime I have had lately has been spent getting a little bit of sleep. I’m out of commission if I don’t get a good night’s sleep. Anyway, Joe and I had an incredible weekend that including a lot of lounging. This might be the least social we’ve ever been during our relationship, but it was nice getting to spend literally every minute just with each other. When you don’t live in the same city, you appreciate the times that you do get to spend together!

One of the reasons we were so sloth-like this weekend is because I experienced a raging migraine. I’ve never really classified my headaches as migraines before, but after doing some research, I definitely have had a few of them. We went to dinner at Sotto, and shortly thereafter a pounding headache set in. Long story short, the night ended with me in bed in the fetal position thinking my head was exploding, and Joe running to Kroger at 12:30 a.m.

Barefoot Bubbly Champagne

To make up for our less than exciting Saturday night, we decided to have a Sunday evening picnic to toast the end of the weekend. I can’t explain to you how much I’ve been wanting to have a picnic, especially this summer! Picnic fever has been running rampant over here, so when Joe was down for one, I got so excited. It’s such a cheap and easy idea for a date, and you get to have fun planning everything out.

I spent about an hour browsing Pinterest to get food ideas, but didn’t end up using any of the recipes I found. You kind of get overwhelmed planning a last minute picnic, so we went to the store and just bought some random food to snack on. I made myself some caprese, and Joe cooked some crab cakes before we left and packed them in the picnic basket.

Devou Park Kentucky

I was most excited about popping a bottle of champagne on our picnic, but we saw a bunch of signs forbidding alcohol at the park, so we both kind of panicked when we saw how many people were hanging out there. We were going to try and be sneaky, but we got cold feet. It still made for a good photo op!

Our destination is really what made the picnic complete. We went to Devou Park in Kentucky so we would have a good view while we ate. There are some amazing views of the Cincinnati skyline from Kentucky, so this made for the perfect picnic backdrop. I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect end to the weekend.

Devou Park Kentucky

Kate Spade Striped Plate

This picnic “blanket” is actually a tablecloth! I got it at Kroger recently, and knew I had to have it. It actually made for a great blanket, and I love the colorful chevron pattern. It wasn’t the biggest, but I’d argue that it is the cutest option!

I also got these gingham plates at Kroger, too. Can you tell I’ve been really into patterns this summer? I’m such a gingham girl, so I couldn’t say no when I saw these plates! It’s pretty crazy how well this striped Kate Spade plate went with the blanket. I mean, the colors are almost spot on! This is my first piece of Kate Spade china, but I’m thinking it won’t be my last ;).

Picnic Ideas for Summer

Summer Picnic Ideas

Silver & White

11 Aug


Even though it hasn’t exactly been the sunniest summer, I’ve been wearing a ton of white this year. I used to have a black-heavy closet, but lately white seems to have taken the lead. It’s clean and polished, which I love.


I have quite a hefty amount of white options to choose from now, so I’ve been mixing and matching some of them for a monochromatic outfit. I’m still a huge gold girl, so I’m always scrounging for silver accessories when I decide to go that route. I think I might be wearing every single silver thing I own in these pictures!




Anthropologie Button Down | Gap Tailored Shorts | Sam Edelman Metallic Oxfords (similar) | Tiffany Bone Cuff


Week In Review

7 Aug

Hello there! I’m running on fumes at this point in the week. Work’s going great, and I’ve been incredibly busy with some exciting blog-related opportunities, so I’m not complaining. My boyfriend was supposed to be in town this weekend, but had a last minute change of plans. I was bummed at first, but now I’m a little excited to have some “me” time and hang out.

As usual, I wanted to share a little recap of what I loved this week. Have a good weekend!

  Cincinnati friends, there’s a lot going on at Kenwood Towne Centre this month. I just published a blog post for the Fearless Fashionista blog, so check it out here. In addition to some fun store events, there’s also a ton of great back to school fashion. I’ve been covering all the latest trends, and which stores you can shop them at!

Kenwood Towne Centre

 Jewelry lovers, listen up! I’ve shared my love for my friend Tara Lea Smith’s jewelry for quite some time on here, and guess what? She’s added lots of new pieces to her Etsy shop! I love this feminine statement necklace. The soft pink and pearls are giving off some serious Marie Antoinette vibes!

Tara Lea Smith Statement Necklace

Now, let’s end the post (and week) with a cocktail. How good does this blackberry lemonade margarita look from From Valerie’s Ktichen? Also, the rim is covered in sugar and lemon zest! That’s enough to make me want to drink this tonight.

blackberry lemonade margarita

image via From Valerie’s Kitchen

Frolicking In The Flowers

5 Aug

Colorful Vintage Skirt

Vintage Flower Skirt

This skirt is the first vintage piece I’ve ever owned. I bought it months ago at Coup D’Etat Vintage in Mt. Lookout. It was almost directly across from the house I lived at the past year, so it was always pretty tempting driving past the gorgeous window displays. I finally caved when I saw this skirt paired with a matching top in the window. I went in immediately, and tried it on. It was love at first sight! The colorful print is what sold me. Mixing pink, green, purple and yellow? I’m in.

Vintage Floral Skirt

Now that I actually own some vintage, I’ve realized how amazing it feels to dig up something awesome at a vintage store. What I love about this flower skirt is that I can pair it with so many tops, and create a new look each time. This crisp white button down goes perfectly for a feminine and polished look. I love wearing color to work, so these pieces together allowed me to look professional while still rocking some bold hues.

Feminine Summer Outfit

Also, how great is this flower background? I really stuck with the flower theme today! It’s actually a massive flower bush, but it ended up looking like a flower wall because it’s so big. I’m definitely going to take some more pictures in front of it.

 Flower Print Vintage Skirt

Vintage Flower Skirt

White Blouse with Vintage Skirt

Coup D’Etat Vintage Flower Skirt | Anthropologie Button Down | Dee Keller Mallory Heels | Kate Spade Flower Necklace (similar)

Video: Tara Lea Smith Earrings

30 Jul

Between my move, and trips to Florida and Cleveland this month, there hasn’t been much time to film a video. Well I’m back, and today I’m wearing lots of gorgeous earrings designed by the fabulous Tara Lea Smith! I’ve worn her jewelry many times before on here, and wanted to share some of the stunning earrings she’s created. Today’s YouTube video is made up entirely of pieces by Tara.

I’m also excited to say that I’ve seen the pieces she’s been working on lately, and you will not be disappointed. After seeing them in person, I think I spent the rest of the day with a smile on my face. It’s so nice having someone else who is just as passionate about jewelry as I am, and especially colorful jewelry!

Sophisticated In Seersucker

29 Jul

Seersucker Dress

Cynthia Steffe Seersucker Dress

Is anyone else extremely boring when it comes to their hair routine? As much as I’d love to experiment a little more, I just feel like I lack any real hair styling skill. It’s either curled or straightened, and down. Always down. I’ve watched hours of YouTube videos to try and learn a fishtail braid. I even had my 13-year-old cousin teach me all types of braids on vacation earlier this month.

Unfortunately, I haven’t learned/found any style I’m in love with, but I did accidentally make a really simple switch yesterday that I think has staying power. As basic as it sounds, I randomly blew dry my hair with a major side part, and I ended up loving it! It’s amazing how something as small as a dramatic hair part can instantly feel fresh and new.

What I’m trying to say is you’ll probably be seeing a lot more of this hairstyle here. It’s probably not even that noticeable, but this is literally the stuff that excites me :). Hopefully one day there will be some more experimental hairdos than a side part, but I think that’s still a far off time.

Ruffled Seersucker Dress Cynthia Steffe

This is the epitome of a feminine summer dress. If a piece of clothing has feminine details to it, I’m pretty much hooked. This drawstring waist paired with the ruffled hem gives off a flirty vibe, and makes it perfect for any summer occasion! I paired this blue and white dress with some simple silver jewelry. The Tiffany bone cuff goes with virtually everything, and makes a statement without being overbearing. I finished the look with some sparkle on my ears, thanks to these earrings from Curate Boutique.

Summer Seersucker Dress

Ruffled Seersucker Dress  Seersucker Dress

Seersucker Dress

Cynthia Steffe Seersucker Dress (another cute option!) | Lulu’s Ankle Strap Heels (similar) | Tiffany Elsa Peretti Bone Cuff | Curate Boutique Earrings

Lemon Print

27 Jul

Crop Top and Denim Summer Outfit

My weekend was pretty uneventful until Sunday rolled around. I was laying in my bed and had the sudden urge to just go somewhere. Not like down the street, but somewhere I’ve never been before. I was watching ESPN yesterday when the Pan Am Games in Toronto came on TV. That’s when it hit me. Why don’t I take a trip to Toronto? It’s close enough that I can drive, and it’s perfect for a weekend getaway.

When Joe (my boyfriend) and I talked on the phone yesterday, I said “let’s go on a trip”. He was instantly down, and loved the idea of Toronto. Since he’s in Cleveland, it’s only a four and half hour drive from his place. Fast forward to last night, and we had already booked a hotel and started mapping out our plans. I’m a pretty spontaneous person, and I love that I have someone who is as equally down for whatever. I really have no insight into anything about Toronto, so I’ve already started doing my research!

If anyone’s ever been to Toronto and has any good advice, please let me know!

Madewell Denim with Crop Top

Let’s talk about this crop top. I’m not a crop top girl, but this one breaks the mold. If you’re skeptical of those fitted, barely there crop tops, then a loose-fitting top like this is for you. I feel so comfortable wearing it, and it honestly doesn’t feel like you’re wearing a crop top. There’s a drawstring along the bottom, so you can make it as tight or loose as you want.

This Samantha Pleet lemon print top was my first purchase from Continuum in Over-the-Rhine, and it definitely won’t be my last. The store is adorable, and you feel at home the second you walk in. I love when a boutique feels that way!

Samantha Pleet Crop TopSamantha Pleet Lemon Print Crop Top

I’m also pretty excited because I’ve officially experienced my first pair of Madewell denim. I’ve always heard great things, but never got around to trying them myself. Please, if you are reading this and in the market for new denim, GO TO MADEWELL! This pair is high-waisted, and they’re probably the most flattering jeans I’ve ever owned. They feel more like leggings than jeans. Now that is denim I can get behind!

Continuum Over the Rhine

High Waisted Jeans with Crop Top

Kendra Scott Liana Bracelet

Samantha Pleet Crop Top

Samantha Pleet Top from Continuum (check out the dress version!) | Madewell Jeans | French Connection Sandals (similar) | Banana Republic Sunglasses | Kendra Scott Liana Bracelet c/o | Kendra Scott Lori Earrings c/o


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