Video: Tara Lea Smith Earrings

30 Jul

Between my move, and trips to Florida and Cleveland this month, there hasn’t been much time to film a video. Well I’m back, and today I’m wearing lots of gorgeous earrings designed by the fabulous Tara Lea Smith! I’ve worn her jewelry many times before on here, and wanted to share some of the stunning earrings she’s created. Today’s YouTube video is made up entirely of pieces by Tara.

I’m also excited to say that I’ve seen the pieces she’s been working on lately, and you will not be disappointed. After seeing them in person, I think I spent the rest of the day with a smile on my face. It’s so nice having someone else who is just as passionate about jewelry as I am, and especially colorful jewelry!

Sophisticated In Seersucker

29 Jul

Seersucker Dress

Cynthia Steffe Seersucker Dress

Is anyone else extremely boring when it comes to their hair routine? As much as I’d love to experiment a little more, I just feel like I lack any real hair styling skill. It’s either curled or straightened, and down. Always down. I’ve watched hours of YouTube videos to try and learn a fishtail braid. I even had my 13-year-old cousin teach me all types of braids on vacation earlier this month.

Unfortunately, I haven’t learned/found any style I’m in love with, but I did accidentally make a really simple switch yesterday that I think has staying power. As basic as it sounds, I randomly blew dry my hair with a major side part, and I ended up loving it! It’s amazing how something as small as a dramatic hair part can instantly feel fresh and new.

What I’m trying to say is you’ll probably be seeing a lot more of this hairstyle here. It’s probably not even that noticeable, but this is literally the stuff that excites me :). Hopefully one day there will be some more experimental hairdos than a side part, but I think that’s still a far off time.

Ruffled Seersucker Dress Cynthia Steffe

This is the epitome of a feminine summer dress. If a piece of clothing has feminine details to it, I’m pretty much hooked. This drawstring waist paired with the ruffled hem gives off a flirty vibe, and makes it perfect for any summer occasion! I paired this blue and white dress with some simple silver jewelry. The Tiffany bone cuff goes with virtually everything, and makes a statement without being overbearing. I finished the look with some sparkle on my ears, thanks to these earrings from Curate Boutique.

Summer Seersucker Dress

Ruffled Seersucker Dress  Seersucker Dress

Seersucker Dress

Cynthia Steffe Seersucker Dress (another cute option!) | Lulu’s Ankle Strap Heels (similar) | Tiffany Elsa Peretti Bone Cuff | Curate Boutique Earrings

Lemon Print

27 Jul

Crop Top and Denim Summer Outfit

My weekend was pretty uneventful until Sunday rolled around. I was laying in my bed and had the sudden urge to just go somewhere. Not like down the street, but somewhere I’ve never been before. I was watching ESPN yesterday when the Pan Am Games in Toronto came on TV. That’s when it hit me. Why don’t I take a trip to Toronto? It’s close enough that I can drive, and it’s perfect for a weekend getaway.

When Joe (my boyfriend) and I talked on the phone yesterday, I said “let’s go on a trip”. He was instantly down, and loved the idea of Toronto. Since he’s in Cleveland, it’s only a four and half hour drive from his place. Fast forward to last night, and we had already booked a hotel and started mapping out our plans. I’m a pretty spontaneous person, and I love that I have someone who is as equally down for whatever. I really have no insight into anything about Toronto, so I’ve already started doing my research!

If anyone’s ever been to Toronto and has any good advice, please let me know!

Madewell Denim with Crop Top

Let’s talk about this crop top. I’m not a crop top girl, but this one breaks the mold. If you’re skeptical of those fitted, barely there crop tops, then a loose-fitting top like this is for you. I feel so comfortable wearing it, and it honestly doesn’t feel like you’re wearing a crop top. There’s a drawstring along the bottom, so you can make it as tight or loose as you want.

This Samantha Pleet lemon print top was my first purchase from Continuum in Over-the-Rhine, and it definitely won’t be my last. The store is adorable, and you feel at home the second you walk in. I love when a boutique feels that way!

Samantha Pleet Crop TopSamantha Pleet Lemon Print Crop Top

I’m also pretty excited because I’ve officially experienced my first pair of Madewell denim. I’ve always heard great things, but never got around to trying them myself. Please, if you are reading this and in the market for new denim, GO TO MADEWELL! This pair is high-waisted, and they’re probably the most flattering jeans I’ve ever owned. They feel more like leggings than jeans. Now that is denim I can get behind!

Continuum Over the Rhine

High Waisted Jeans with Crop Top

Kendra Scott Liana Bracelet

Samantha Pleet Crop Top

Samantha Pleet Top from Continuum (check out the dress version!) | Madewell Jeans | French Connection Sandals (similar) | Banana Republic Sunglasses | Kendra Scott Liana Bracelet c/o | Kendra Scott Lori Earrings c/o

State My Style: Pink Jumpsuit

23 Jul

Pink Crochet Jumpsuit

I think I’m cursed. I’ve been trying since early July to photograph and post this outfit, and I kid you not I have hit speed bumps the whole way. Between this month long storm, traveling, and now a computer meltdown that happened Wednesday (it’s currently getting fixed), it seems like luck has not been on my side.

Luckily all that bad stuff melts away every time I put this pink jumpsuit on. I’ve partnered with for their State My Style campaign, and I’m sharing my Ohio style. When I saw that this crochet jumpsuit came in pink, I instantly knew it summed up my style. I know, I know. Ohio isn’t exactly a tropical paradise, but that doesn’t mean my style has to suffer because of it! I love being from Ohio, and despite what people think, we have some pretty amazing weather in the summer. Let’s just ignore the fact that this summer has been an off one.

Pink Crochet Jumpsuit

When it’s warm and sunny out, my style reflects that. My summer wardrobe is full of bright colors and prints. I had a personal celebration when I found a jumpsuit that fit me like a glove. I had only owned one jumpsuit previous to this, and I knew I needed more. Is there anything more flattering and comfortable? I’m a fan.

Pink Crochet Jumpsuit

Not only did the crochet and color appeal to me, but the fact that this was fitted throughout is what ultimately sold me. My other jumpsuit has wide legs, and this shows off your figure nicely. I’ve worn this boohoo jumpsuit a few times now, and each time I’ve paired it with a skinny belt. For nights out, I wore a gold glitter belt. It also looks awesome with black, and I added my black heels to make it dressier.

  Pink Crochet Jumpsuit

Most summer nights in Cincinnati stay pretty warm. There are a few times where it can cool down, and for all the cold girls like myself, jumpsuit pants can save the day. My legs stay warm, and the top half of me still looks like it’s ready to party.

Pink Crochet Jumpsuit

Pink Crochet Jumpsuit

Pink Crochet Jumpsuit

boohoo Crochet Jumpsuit c/o | Lulu’s Ankle Strap Heels (similar) | Curate Boutique Earrings

Some Exciting News!

21 Jul

It’s Tuesday, which means we’re slowly inching toward the weekend! Monday felt extra long yesterday, so I’m just happy we’re making some progress. My fingers are crossed that the sun makes a rare appearance today.

Kenwood Mall Cincinnati

Today I wanted to share something exciting that I’ve recently become involved in, and it’s a dream come true. I’m now a blogger for Kenwood Towne Centre in Cincinnati! As a Fearless Fashionista, I’ll be sharing access to fashion, beauty and dining events happening at Kenwood Towne Centre. This is exciting for a multitude of reasons: 1. I have another platform to talk about my love for fashion and beauty, and 2. Kenwood has been my go-to shopping destination since I was a little girl. Seriously.

I remember being in Kindergarten and getting my portrait drawn at Kenwood (while my brother and I wore the cutest matching nautical outfits). These same portraits are currently hanging in my parent’s dining room. Or trips to all the children’s clothing stores, because my mom kept us stylish since day one. As I got older, Limited Too was the hotspot. True story: I swore I would never stop wearing Limited Too, even as I became a teenager and adult. I was adamant, but eventually (and fortunately) moved on to some more mature brands. My love for LTD2 will live on forever, though.

Fast forward to today, and I am still just as in love with Kenwood Towne Centre as I was as a little girl. It’s home to some of my favorite stores, and I love the rush I get each time I step inside, ready to discover something new. From Sunday shopping trips with my mom and grandma over the years, to post-work shopping sprees to get some retail therapy, I feel like Kenwood’s been there through it all (my shopping obsession is really showing here).

Basically, I’m incredibly happy to have this opportunity, and am so excited to write about a place that’s home to a lifetime of memories. I’ll be posting every Tuesday and Thursday. You can follow along here, and as always, thanks for reading!

Bedroom Inspiration

20 Jul

Gold and White Bedroom Decor

Today I wanted to share some snapshots from my bedroom, aka my happy place. Unfortunately, my “happy place” is all packed up right now since my lease ended in June. I filmed a bedroom tour a few months back, but nothing beats pretty pictures. Another reason for the pictures? I want to remember my setup so I can replicate it in my next place! I felt so happy and at ease when I was in this room, and it was a dream decorating it.

 I’ve become obsessed with interior design since I had to decorate my bedroom last summer. When I moved in, the room was a dark shade of blue/grey. I wasn’t working with much, so I started by painting it white. I knew I wanted a white room to start with. Then the plan was to incorporate black, gold and pops of color. Honestly, I could have decorated a lot more. After I dropped some serious cash on everything (I bought everything you see in here), I told myself there was no point in going all out since I was only going to be there a year. I also didn’t want to skimp on what I did buy because it doesn’t make sense to spend good money on stuff I don’t really like. So basically, everything I got is what I wanted, but I stopped myself from buying too much to fill a room I only had for twelve months.

How to Decorate a White Dresser

If I had to describe my bedroom style in a few words it would be feminine, glamorous, colorful and sophisticated. That’s a lot of words, but it what I think of when I look at my room. I spent a ton of time on Pinterest when I was shopping, and it really helped! You get an idea of what you like and don’t like, which is nice. There are a ton of pictures in today’s post, but I wanted to share every aspect of it. Decorating really is a process, and I can’t explain how exciting it is when you feel like everything perfectly fits together!

Gold Mirror

This tissue box might take the prize for most fun box of Kleenex. It was part of a Betsey Johnson x Kleenex collaboration, and let’s just say I used these tissues sparingly. I’m regretting not buying more boxes!

Since I wanted to add some pops of color, I thought this pink pot from Hobby Lobby was perfect. I took it to a florist I know, and she added this bright green plant. I have no idea what it’s called (I’m terrible), but it’s a great fit for this pot. It ended up being the perfect desk accessory.

Gold Scroll Headboard

What I anticipated being the hardest part of the decorating process actually ended up being the easiest! My mom and I had just begun our online search for headboards when we typed “gold headboard” into Google. One of the first results was this gold scroll headboard from Montgomery Ward. The site no longer carries it, but I found it on Seventh Avenue for the same price!

Bedroom with Pops of Color

This is where most of the color came together in my room. I found this Oliver Gal Hipster Mapa Mundi canvas on Joss & Main, and I probably spent two days talking about it before pulling the trigger. If I had to describe myself in canvas form, this would be it. It’s even more eye-catching in person!

The two green alliums are from CB2. There’s a large and small option (I got one of each). They’re easy, and make for a great piece of decor.

Black and White Argyle Rug

I knew I wanted to incorporate black in some way, but wasn’t sure how. This black and white argyle rug from Wayfair instantly sold me. The scroll detail along the trim tied together nicely with my headboard, and helped tie together all my decor. I couldn’t find this exact rug, but found a very similar one on!

Argyle Rug with Gold Headboard

Candy Apothecary Jar

I’m not a big candy girl, but I am obsessed with apothecary jars. I could probably fill an entire house full of apothecary jar decor. I have to practice major self-control when I’m at Michael’s and Hobby Lobby. Have you seen their selection?! The above one is from Michael’s, and makes for a great candy jar. If you’re wondering, yes, I only eat red and yellow Starburst. That means the gross pinks and oranges are for decorating only.

CB2 Gren Allium

Gold and White Women's Bedroom Decor

Laurence King Fashion Journal

This is a close-up shot of my desk. I use this Laurence King fashion notebook to write down any notes for my blog. I love the vintage vibe to it. I got it at High Street, and I highly recommend anyone in the Cincinnati area go there to get some major interior design inspiration!

Gold Polka Dot Wall Decals

I got this mirror from Hobby Lobby, and let’s just say it looked way different when I bought it. It was a rustic shade of blue, and had a distressed look to it. I used Gold Krylon spray and completely transformed this into the mirror of my dreams!

Lucite and White Chair

One of my biggest bedroom goals was to find a lucite chair. I have a thing for anything lucite, and was adamant on having an acrylic chair. Most of the options I found were extremely expensive and pretty modern. When my mom found this acrylic chair on Wayfair, I think I went to home decor heaven.  It’s feminine and has some character, too! It’s one of my favorite pieces I own.

Oliver Gal Hipster Mapa Mundi Canvas

Ombre Glitter Champagne

About halfway through my lease, I brought my bar cart over and put it in the corner. That little corner was pretty barren, and I just thought it would be fun to say I had a bar cart in my room. It wasn’t really utilized, other than to display cute bar accessories, like this champagne bottle and striped straws. The bar cart was a Christmas gift from my parents. My mom did an amazing job of finding a bar cart that was perfect for me. It was another Wayfair purchase!

Pink Painted Nightstand

You may remember this DIY pink nightstand from my first YouTube video. It belonged to my grandma, and I was on a mission to repurpose it. I added some sparkly flower knobs from Hobby Lobby, and brought it back to life. I also used these same knobs on my dresser.

Pink Potted Planter

Urbanwalls Gold Polka Dot Wall Decals

One of my design essentials was gold polka dots. I’ve seen so many gorgeous rooms that used gold wall decals, and I knew I wanted to use them, too. Urbanwalls makes amazing decals, and they were easy to put up and take down. These gave my room a fun and whimsical feel, and I’d probably buy more for my next bedroom!

Women's Gold Bedroom Decor

Happy Friday!

17 Jul


image via

It’s been a pretty quiet week here on my blog. In reality though, quiet is the the last word I’d use to describe this recent Monday-Friday. Between lots of work and lots of play (I’ll admit it, there was a lot of fun involved), I kind of lost track of any spare free time I had this week. You know when you’re constantly on the go and you have this energy that keeps you going, even though you feel like you can crash at any second? Then you get like a five minute moment of silence, and you just completely shut down physically and mentally? That was me the past few days. I’ve rarely “crashed” from exhaustion, but wow this week has really did a number on me! I guess that’s the ultimate sign of a successful and full day? That’s what I’m going with, at least!

I’m heading to Cleveland today to visit my boyfriend for the weekend. I like visiting him more in the summer because I’m a baby in those cold Cleveland winters. I don’t know how you do it, Clevelanders. It’s going to be a fun trip, despite the fact that I have not packed a single thing at the time of this post. Maybe I should go do that now…

Have a good weekend!

The Shirt Every Woman Needs

13 Jul

Loft French Hen Shirt Gap Denim Shorts

How was everyone’s weekend?! I went out on Friday, and ended up paying for it the rest of the weekend. As it turns out, a few beers and four hours of sleep aren’t the formula for a productive weekend. I managed to muster up some energy Saturday night and head downtown with my parents. Does anyone else ever have the best time going out with their parents? We always end up trying new restaurants and bars, and just seeing where the night goes. They love being downtown just as much as I do, so it’s fun to have people to do that with.

We ate downtown and walked all over after. It was great seeing everyone out and about for the All-Star festivities. We ended the night with drinks at Top of the Park, and got a nice little surprise firework show from the Demi Lovato concert!

Womens Short Sleeve Button Down Shirt

Soludos Lace Up Espadrilles

Luckily I had this outfit from vacation I’ve been wanting to share, because the weather here has been terrible. I think all my Midwest friends can agree that we haven’t gotten much of a summer. I’m happy I can reminisce on sunny Siesta Key, and this incredible LOFT shirt.

This top came in the mail one day before I left, and I was thrilled to bring it on my trip. Those little orange dots you see are actually French Hens! How cute? For being a casual shirt, there’s a lot of different ways you can style it. I’d just as much wear it as a daytime top, and then dress it up with some skinny jeans, heels and statement jewelry.

LOFT French Hens Shirt

Loft French Hens Shirt

I’m really into the short sleeve button-down trend, and I think it’s here to stay. It’s easy, but looks like you spent a lot of time getting ready. That’s always a win in my book. This is the type of top I think every woman needs in her closet. I know I’ll be adding more to mine!

Loft French Hen Top

Black Espadrilles with French Hen Shirt

Ann Taylor LOFT French Hen Shirt | Gap Denim Shorts | Soludos Espadrilles | Banana Republic Sunglasses | J.Crew Bracelet | Evereve Hat (similar option for $13!)

Soludos Espadrilles with Loft Shirt

Designer Accessories Galore!

11 Jul

Happy Saturday, everyone! I wanted to do a weekend blog post to share two amazing estate sales from Everything But The House. What better way to spend your weekend than sitting in your comfiest clothes and bidding on some designer pieces to add to your collection?

The theme of today’s sale is accessories! We’re talking Louis Vuitton, Hermès, Chanel, Saint Laurent and so much more. What I love about everything that’s up for sale is that these are all classic pieces that you’ll have you’re entire life. That’s what I call money well spent!

The first sale (from an estate in Virginia) has some iconic Louis Vuitton items. I had my eye on this planner cover because it’s so chic and timeless. I still like to write down my schedule, so this would be perfect! Since I’m someone who owns two, yes two, pairs of sunglasses, I love the different shapes and sizes of the below pairs. It reminds me that I need more in my collection.

I don’t own an Hermès scarf, but it’s always been on my wish list. They’re iconic in the fashion world, and I love the patriotic colors of the one for sale below. How cute would it be paired with a white dress?! Lastly, these assortment of rings instantly caught my eye. I think you could have a lot of fun mixing and matching these rings to make an accessories statement.

Everything But The House

Vintage Louis Vuitton Planner Cover | Sunglasses

Hermès Silk Scarf | Assortment of Rings

I’m sure I’m not the only girl who was drooling over this sale out of Columbus. High end jewelry and Chanel bags? Someone pinch me! This nude Chanel flap bag would be great year round, which I totally would use as a justification for buying it. Every girl dreams of owning a Chanel bag one day, and this is your chance!

This sale is jewelry heaven, too. After getting a lot of my grandmas old brooches, I love discovering unique, unexpected pins. This crab stood out to me because of the two little emeralds. I’m also dreaming of this David Yurman bracelet. The classic rope detailing is great for layering your jewelry and making a simple statement.

Everything But The House Fashion

Paloma Picasso Handbags | David Yurman Cable Bracelet

18k Yellow Gold Link Bracelet | Diamond and Emerald Crab Brooch | Chanel Classic Flap Bag

This post was sponsored by Everything But The House, but all opinions are my own. As always, thank you for reading!


10 Jul

What to wear on vacation

Happy Friday! I’m extra excited for this particular Friday because it’s the start of All-Star festivities! I really don’t talk about my sports obsession much on here, because frankly I don’t know if people care to read about that. Is anyone else a sports fanatic like myself? Mine mostly consists of football and baseball. I have gotten into soccer thanks to my boyfriend who has played soccer his entire life. Anyway, I am having a hard time containing my excitement that we get to host this year’s All-Star Game.

I’m planning on attending some All-Star festivities, so I’ll make sure to document that. The hard part is finding something to wear. I smell a shopping trip! Also, if you’ll be in town for the game, read my downtown guide for some things to do!

Blue Pinstripe Skirt with White Top

Today’s pictures come all the way from Siesta Key, Florida. I really dropped the ball on taking pictures down there. When I say I was in vacation mode, I was really in vacation mode in all aspects of life. I did manage to snap this outfit on our last night of the trip.

Because I feel like I own way too many summer clothes, I’ve been trying to be good and not shop as much. When I do shop lately, I try to buy solid-colored pieces that I can mix and match with other clothes. That was the plan with this white ASOS top, and so far it’s working! I wore it a few weeks back with leather shorts, and was pleasantly surprised that it fit with this pinstriped skirt. It’s the really little things in life that make me happy, such as mixing and matching clothes successfully.

Summer Outfit Ideas for Women

Top: ASOS | Skirt: Olive & Bette’s NYC (love this cute alternative!) | Sandals: French Connection (similar option) | Earrings: Curate Boutique

Lips: Revlon Just Bitten Kissable | Nails: OPI polish in Alpine Snow

Blue Pinstripe Skirt with White Top


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