Flirty and Feminine

1 Sep

White Pleated Skirt with Blue JOA Crop Top

Happy Labor Day! I’m planning on spending the day off in search of some cute sheets for my new room. Pretty wild stuff. I’m thinking of going for a bright solid color, so fingers crossed that something of the sort exists. I’m going to Macy’s, which also means I’ll most definitely be tempted to peruse all the other sales going on at my favorite stores. My rule is no more summer clothes. I try to enforce that every summer because I don’t end up wearing half of my summery outfits. Unfortunately, my shopping self-control isn’t the strongest, but I have been pretty good about it this year.

I’m completely in denial that summer is winding down. Now that I’m out of school and have a full-time job, I realize I don’t spend too much time outside anymore (so depressing). I kind of took this amazing weather for granted, especially since I’m 100% a spring and summer girl (I’m always cold). It really is true that you don’t know what you’ve got til it’s gone, and it’s hitting me hard that summer is pretty much gone!

JOA Clothing Blue Sleeveless Crop Top

White and Blue Feminine Summer Outfit

White Knee Length Skirt with BCBGeneration Nude Wedges

Feminine Summer Outfit with Scalloped Crop Top

Top: JOA (love this similar one!) | Skirt: GUESS (similar) | Shoes: BCBGeneration | Cuff: Tiffany  | Earrings: Cate & Chloe

A Colorful Statement

28 Aug

Bright Colored Designer Statement Necklace

Bright Colorful Designer Statement Jewelry

Today I’m sharing another insanely gorgeous statement necklace from Tara Lea Smith! I’m kind of at a loss for words here because this is my dream necklace, and I swear Tara somehow telepathically knows what I love. Where do I begin? The colors, the details, the way it all perfectly goes together. It’s hard to convey in pictures, but my favorite thing about this is that your eye finds a new trinket each time you look at the necklace. There’s actually a bee brooch on the left side, and I didn’t even notice it for a few days! I love that I feel like I’m discovering something each time I see (obsessively gaze at) it. After reading this paragraph over again, it sounds like I have an unhealthy obsession with jewelry. And if you thought the same, then you’d be right.

My apologies for the abundance of pictures. I’m kind of obsessed with the amount of color in them, and had a hard time narrowing it down! Also, I just consumed an entire box of Horizon Mac and Cheese by myself, which apparently makes you extremely tired at 11:30 on a Wednesday night.

White Summer Dress with Bright Statement Necklace

Colorful Summer Designer Statement Necklace

Gianni Bini White Dress with Colorful Statement Necklace

Large Multicolored Designer Statement Necklace

Tara Lea Smith Bright Multi Color Statement Necklace

Vintage Custom Designer Statement Necklace

Dress: Gianni Bini | Shoes: French Connection | Necklace: Tara Lea Smith | Lips: L’Oreal Colour Caresse Wet Shine Stain in Endless Red

Bubbles: End of Summer Drinks

27 Aug

Oh, technology. Such a magical thing, yet such a nightmare during the times when you rely on it most. It’s currently 11:30 p.m. as I type this, and I have spent the past three hours trying to upload the pictures I took today. This would be my luck. I’m having an end-of-summer freakout, and am trying to squeeze in all my predominantly-white outfits before Labor Day. Yes, I still wear white pieces after Labor Day, but it’s mostly just white jeans and shorts. Basically, I’m falling behind on my super summery outfits. #Stress. Oh well. I think summer decided to come late this year, because it just started getting hot about a week ago. I’m taking that as the go-ahead to keep wearing the outfits I didn’t get around to this summer!

In the meantime, I wanted to share some warm weather drinks to celebrate the end of what might be the quickest summer ever. Seriously, it’s scary how the past few months have flown by. I don’t have any plans yet for the holiday, but I’m thinking a mojito is in order!

1. Cucumber Lime Daiquiri

Basil Cucumber Daiquiri Cocktail

2. Late Summer Stone Fruit and Fresh Herb Sangria

Labor Day Cocktails

3. Grapefruit Mojitos

Grapefruit Mojito Recipe

4. Zinfandel Grape and Rosemary Gin Crush

Grape Rosemary Gin Crush

Week in Review

23 Aug

As I type this, I’m sitting on the couch watching TV with my dog Oscar sound asleep right next to me. Right before this, I made mashed potatoes from scratch. I was craving good food, but didn’t want to leave the house. Basically, it’s been a good night. I wish every night was this relaxing! I was expecting to be all moved into my new place by now, but my mattress shipment has gotten screwed up multiple times. My fingers are crossed that I’ll be able to share some room updates soon! In the meantime, here are some things I enjoyed this week:

1. How clever is this post from Magical Simplicity? Annie shares her tips for creating a “renter’s resume” to simplify the rental process. Because my full-time job is in real estate, rentals make up a ton of my business. I understand how stressful the process can be, and this is a really cute and smart way to give a brief rundown of yourself to a potential landlord.

Renter Resume Template

2. I had my first dermaplaning experience yesterday, and I am hooked! My amazing cousin Kimberly works at Mitchell’s, and gave me the treatment yesterday. Simply put, dermaplaning is an exfoliation process that removes the dead skin cells on your top layer of skin. They take a tiny razor, and it removes all the hair on your face. This sounds scary, but it isn’t at all. It actually felt weirdly satisfying as it was happening because I could feel my skin getting instantly smoother. She also put some serums on my face to help with rosacea and breakouts. The dermaplaning process is supposed to help with acne scars and other skin imperfections. I can already say that my skin feels amazing, and I’m excited to see the results in the next few days.

3. Piperlime launched their new site this week, which seems to be a lot more social media driven. I’ve been addicted to Piperlime for years, so I loved the old site. One of the things I love about the relaunch is that you can easily see how women are styling their Piperlime purchases. They have a social media feed set up on the site, so it’s fun to browse through and get some style inspiration! Chrissy Teigen and her fashion picks are currently being featured on the site.

Chrissy Teigen Piperlime

4. This mango mint limeade slush looks insanely refreshing! The recipe calls for frozen mango chunks, which I have like five bags of sitting in the freezer. Who doesn’t love mangos? Also, slushy drinks are always a good choice in the summer.

Mango Mint Limeade Slush

Navy & Citron

22 Aug

Colorful Summer Work Outfit J.Crew Pants

I think I own about three pairs of these J.Crew capri pants. I used to wear them all the time, but have only worn them a handful of times this year. For some reason, I never noticed how baggy they are until recently. It actually made me feel a little self-conscious because I’ve gotten so used to wearing clothes that are structured. They’ve been banished to the back of my closet most of the summer, but I’ve recently had a change of heart. Why should I be hating on something that’s so unbelievably comfortable? Yeah, they’re not the sexiest pants, but I’m not trying to impress anyone when I’m at the office. I made these a little less matronly by adding a gold glitter belt and silky top. Comfort is always king!

Also, my Tara Lea Smith necklace giveaway has ended! Congratulations to Wendy Butler who had the winning entry. Thank you so much to everyone who entered. I will be styling some other pieces by Tara in the future, so be on the lookout for that!

Citron Colored J.Crew Pants

Color Blocked Summer Work Outfit

J.Crew Gold Glitter Belt with Navy Silk Top

Citron Green Pants with J.Crew Gold Glitter Belt

Maison Jules Navy Silk Flutter Top

Navy Maison Jules Flutter Top with Green Pants

Top: Maison Jules | Pants: J.Crew (similar) | Belt: J.Crew (similar) | Shoes: BCBGeneration (similar) | Watch: La Mer | Earrings: Kate Spade

Summer Leather

19 Aug

 Rachel Rachel Roy Perforated Leather Dress

Rachel Roy Halter Neckline Cream Leather Dress

I’ve always been lucky to have a mom who has an amazing fashion sense. I think that’s where I developed my love and appreciation for clothes. Luckily, she’s also good at finding things she’ll know I’ll love. We usually go shopping together, but there are times when we have conflicting schedules. It’s always a pleasant surprise when she tells me she bought something for me that she can’t wait to show me. Her track record of buying things that fit me perfectly is flawless. I think I’ve only had to exchange or return things a few times over the years.

She called me a few months ago after a trip to Kenwood, informing me she scored a major deal on a leather dress. If you’ve followed me from the beginning, you know I’m a girl who loves her (faux) leather. Not surprisingly, the dress fit like a glove, and it’s been the perfect solution for getting away with summer leather. Opting for a light-colored leather is ideal for the summer months. Unless it’s 60 degrees or below, I like to save the black leather for fall and winter. At this point in the summer, it’s kind of tempting to start thinking forward to fall, but I’m trying to fit in all my summer outfits while I still can.

PS- my Tara Lea Smith necklace giveaway is still going on! Tara made a custom piece just for Baubles to Bubbles readers, and it is stunning! Today is the last day to enter, so click here for a chance to win.

Rachel Roy Perforated Leather Cream Dress

How to Wear Leather in the Summer

Summer Cream Leather Rachel Roy Dress

White Leather Dress

Dress: RACHEL Rachel Roy (similar) | Shoes: French Connection | Bracelet: J.Crew | Earrings: Anthropologie (similar)

Dressed Up Denim + A GIVEAWAY!

13 Aug

Handmade Gold and Pearl Designer Statement Necklace

Today I finally get to share a giveaway I’ve been anxious to have! I’ve teamed up with Tara Lea Smith to give away one of her handmade pieces of jewelry. Tara is known for her ornate statement necklaces, but she also makes other pieces, including some fabulous earrings. I actually met Tara around this time last year when I interviewed her for a Cincy Chic article, and we have kept in touch ever since. On top of her jewelry, she’s also super sweet!

What I love about Tara’s jewelry is that every piece is unique. I appreciate something that I know nobody else is going to be wearing, and that’s what she delivers. She even incorporates vintage and antique beads, which is amazing! Another thing to keep in mind is Tara takes custom orders, so anything you might be dreaming of she can probably bring to life! When I started my blog, this is exactly the kind of jewelry I was envisioning myself wearing. It’s fun, sophisticated, eye-catching, and versatile. Yes, a statement necklace can be versatile! I could easily wear this with a cocktail dress, but wanted to show how easy it is to style for everyday wear. I love dressing up skinny jeans, which can be accomplished by adding a sexy heel and flashy necklace.

Tara was nice enough to custom design this piece for Baubles to Bubbles readers! It actually pains me that I cannot keep this necklace for myself! When I tried it on, it just felt right ;). My mom and I have spent the past few days admiring it while we can. I love the mix of pearls, gold metal and floral pieces. Since it’s not a “giveaway” if the host keeps it for herself, I’m just as excited to give it to one of you! The giveaway is through Rafflecopter, and runs one week. All you have to do is enter HERE!

Designer Jewelry Gold Flower Pearl Statement Necklace

How To Style Ripped Jeans and Heels Madewell Bistro Top with Statement Necklace

Ankle Strap Heels with Gap Ripped Jeans

Mt. Echo Park Cincinnati Ohio

Tara Lea Smith Jewelry Statement Necklace

Tara Lea Smith Pearl Gold Statement Necklace

Top: Madewell (similar) | Jeans: Gap | Shoes: Lulu’s | Necklace: Tara Lea Smith | Nails: OPI Black Onyx

Red, White & Black

12 Aug

ASOS Black Sleeveless Collared Top

Happy Tuesday! I’m in the midst of one of the busiest weeks of my life, but am trying to be more adamant about getting back to my regular posting schedule. While my hectic work schedule is the main source for my lack of posting as of late, there’s another reason I feel like I haven’t had as many outfit posts. To be honest, I’ve been feeling a little bored with my wardrobe the past month or so. Maybe it’s the long workdays, but I find myself not getting as excited to style a cute outfit for work. I’m blaming it on dresses, because who doesn’t want to throw on one piece of clothing in the morning and get out the door? While I live for my dress collection, I also think they have the tendency to make me a lazy dresser. There’s no mixing and matching, and since I’m a creature of habit, I tend to reach for the same shoes and jewelry for each dress that I wear. This week however, since I’m trying to be a power multi-tasker, I decided to ditch the dress for a day and opt for a colorful pant and the comfiest ASOS top. Plus , I don’t know what’s more fun and sophisticated than a red, white and black combination!

PS- be sure to come back tomorrow. I’m hosting an exciting giveaway that I cannot wait to share! Here’s a hint: it involves one of the things in my blog name ;)

Red White and Black Outfit Ideas

ASOS Black Sleeveless Top with Kate Spade Earrings

ASOS sleeveless top with Calvin Klein Red Pants

BCBGeneration Black Wedges

Top: ASOS (similar) | Pants: Calvin Klein (similar) | Shoes: BCBGeneration | Earrings: Kate Spade

The Basics

11 Aug

Black and White Striped Madewell Tank Top

I recently realized that I haven’t worn my metallic oxfords the entire summer. I love them, and would wear them all the time if I could, but I’m not sure if they’re work-appropriate. They’re definitely the perfect weekend shoe, though! I’ve even gotten compliments from men who appreciate a good oxford. I’m always pleasantly surprised since men never seem to notice our fashion.

My outfits have been pretty low-key this summer. Have you noticed that it’s either been super hot or surprisingly cool this year? That’s how Cincinnati has felt, at least. I feel like there hasn’t been that perfect summer weather, and now we’re running out of time for that happen. It’s kind of been a nice break to not overthink what I’m wearing. This Madewell top and J.Crew chino shorts have become my summer uniform on the weekends and when I’m running errands.

Another reason style has been on the back burner lately is because I’m prepping for my move. I pretty much have the major bedroom essentials, but have yet to put anything together. Thankfully Pinterest has become my best friend for inspiration. I was a late adopter to Pinterest, but now I’m hooked! If only I had an ounce of the creativity these Pinterest-y people seem to have.

Madewell Striped Shell with J.Crew White Shorts

Madewell Striped Tank Top Shell

Madewell Striped Tank Top with White J.Crew Shorts

Top: Madewell (similar) | Shorts: J.Crew | Shoes: Sam Edelman (similar) | Bracelet: Tiffany | Sunglasses: Ray-Ban

Bauble Wish List: High End Jewels

7 Aug

Sometimes I catch myself online drooling at expensive, ornate jewelry. I say drooling and not shopping, because let’s be honest, I’m only a few years out of college. Still, a girl can dream! Plus, I see it as motivation to work my butt off so one day I can have a nice collection of the high end stuff. It is an investment after all! There are a few obvious perks to splurging on expensive jewelry: 1. the quality is much better, therefore the jewelry lasts longer (if not forever), and 2. you don’t see tons of other girls with the same jewelry as you.

I think my biggest problem when I do reach the point of investing in high-priced jewelry is deciding what to get. I mean, “everything” probably won’t be an option, right? I narrowed it down to some pieces I’m currently loving. The trend seems to be colorful earrings at the moment. What are some of your favorite luxury jewelry brands?

High End Designer Jewelry

Oscar de la Renta Earrings | Chanel Necklace | Erickson Beamon Earrings | Oscar de la Renta Earrings | Joomi Lim Necklace


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