Sequin Week: Fringe Top & Sequin Pants

18 Dec

Holiday Outfit Ideas

Well, it’s officially ONE WEEK until Christmas! That still seems so crazy to me for some reason. I’ve been so busy this month that I haven’t really let it soak in that it’s December. Now that we’re in the homestretch, I’m going to get into Christmas mode and just enjoy myself the rest of the month. One of my favorite things to do during the holidays is watch Love Actually and lay by the fireplace and/or under a ton of blankets. I actually watched Love Actually three times in a row once when I was in high school. Yes, three times! I love that movie, and it’s so Christmassy. Plus, can you ever say no to Colin Firth? I know I can’t ;)!

Today’s outfit is another shot from the Cincinnatian Hotel. I had to take advantage of the incredible lobby, especially with my dressy holiday outfits! This outfit is one of my favorites, as it combines two of my favorite things: sequins and fringe. My mom St. Nick got me this top, and I think I’ve worn it for every holiday party I’ve gone to this month. These sequin pants are a classic here on my blog, and one of the first things I ever posted about way back in 2012! The combination of the two works really well in my opinion, and I’m considering making this my Christmas day outfit.

Black Sequin Pants

Fringe Top with Baublebar Necklace

Red Fringe Top

Sleeveless Fringe Top

Wish Fringe Top | The Limited Sequin Pants (inexpensive similar pair) | Vince Camuto Shoes | Revlon Balm Stain | BaubleBar Necklace (similar)

Sequin Week: Blue Sequin Fringe Top

17 Dec

Blue Sequin Top

I’m back after a brief MacBook meltdown! When you have your blog, real estate career and personal life all stored on one computer, you tend to amass a lot of data. Unfortunately for me, it all came crashing down Monday, leading me to panic. I spent around 12+ hours trying to fix it myself, but eventually went to the trusted people at the Genius Bar who helped me free up some space. What I learned? I need to get a bigger hard drive and quickly! You know you’re an adult when you get excited about buying a new hard drive.

 Blue Sequin Fringe Top

I actually bought this blue sequin top two years ago at Dillard’s. It’s only taken me two years to wear it! Yes, this is the first time I’ve ever worn it. It’s one of those tops that I always want to “save” for a big night out, but never end up wearing. I think I’m too hopeful of my social life, because when the time comes around that I actually want to just wear it, the sequin season is over. This year, I’m making a change and not saving things in hopes of something exciting coming up. My favorite part of this top is that it mixes sequins and fringe. I didn’t even know that was possible! The color also sucked me in, because I’ve never really seen cobalt blue sequins.

Blue Sequin Fringe Top

Blue Sequin Top with Leather Pants

Top: Dillard’s (loving this blue plaid version!) | Pants: H&M (similar) | Shoes: Nine West 

Sequin Week: Green Sequin Dress

15 Dec

Holiday Green Sequin Dress

Green Sequin Dress Cincinnatian Hotel

It’s officially 10 days until Christmas, and to get in the holiday spirit I will be sharing a week’s worth of sparkly sequin outfits! I don’t know about you guys, but I have a ton of sequin pieces in my closet. I constantly try to remind myself not to buy anymore sequin things, but something about them keeps me coming back for more. The problem with sequins is that you sometimes have limited options when styling them. This week, I wanted to share different ways I like to wear my sequins, especially since it’s the holidays. Who doesn’t love to sparkle this time of year?!

To kick off the week, I’m wearing this green sequin Kensie dress from Macy’s! Does anything scream Christmas more than green sequins? I don’t think so. I actually got this dress during the summertime last year, and it’s a stretchy jersey material. To make it more wintry and dressy, I paired it with these polkadot stockings and a red lip.

Since I was feeling extra festive, I went to the Cincinnatian Hotel and took advantage of their gorgeous Christmas displays. I’ve been going to the Cincinnatian for holiday tea since I was a little girl, and their Christmas decorations are out of this world! Standing next to the fireplace, ornate tree and figurines (you’ll see me getting stared at by one below) always makes me forget I’m in a hotel lobby. Well done, Cincinnatian! While I’m on the subject, if you’re looking for a new holiday tradition, I highly recommend their weekend tea at the Cricket Lounge that I mentioned above. There’s a huge selection of tea to choose from, and they offer tons of amazing bites and desserts. It’s one of my favorite things to do every year!

Do you have any fun holiday traditions?

Emerald Statement Necklace with Sequin Dress

Green Sequin Dress with Polkadot Tights

Green Sequin Dress with Baublebar Necklace

^Had a few onlookers ;)

Holiday Sequin Dress

Sequin Dress Holiday Outfit

Dress: Kensie (similar for $49!) | Tights: Kate Spade | Shoes: Vince Camuto | Necklace: Baublebar (similar) | Lips: Revlon

Gift Guide: For The Girl Who Loves Champagne

9 Dec

Today I wanted to share a little champagne-themed gift guide I put together in time for Christmas! You know it’s all about the champagne here on Baubles to Bubbles, so of course I had to go searching for some of my favorite gifts to give that revolve around the bubbly. Sure, you can never go wrong with gifting a bottle of champagne, but there are surprisingly a lot of adorable accessories out there if you’re looking to do something more creative.

Kate Spade makes a ton of cute drink accessories, and I kind of died when I saw this champagne bucket tote! I mean, how insanely amazing is this? It makes me want to carry around a bottle of champagne in style. There’s also a huge variety of fun champagne glasses out there that would be perfect for entertaining. I don’t know about you, but a fun champagne glass makes a glass of bubbly taste even better. These gold polkadot glasses from Anthropologie would be perfect for enjoying a champagne cocktail (or a mocktail).

Also, I’m hoping to get back to outfit posts this week. I’ve shot a few different looks recently, but they turned out so dark that I decided not to post them. Where are you spring?!

*Disclaimer: I would gladly take any of the below gifts if anyone is feeling extra generous this year ;).

Champagne Themed Gifts

Top Row: Kate Spade Champagne Bucket Tote | Chandon Limited Edition Holiday Bottles | Anthropologie Champagne Bubbles Highball Glasses

Bottom Row: C.Wonder Elephant Bottle Stopper | Oenophilia Metal Bottle Cork Collector | Gama-Go Cocktail Ring Drink Markers

Warm & Fuzzy

4 Dec

White Lambswool Vest with Plaid Shirt

So far, December has been a pretty cold month. It’s been a whole lotta black when it comes to my wardrobe, and some heavy baggage under my eyes thanks to late nights prepping for the holidays. The one thing I do love about the cooler weather is the ability to play with different layering options.

Yes, I wear a lot of black and white, but it’s the perfect palette for mixing and matching! It’s nice being able to pair different textures and pull it off without too much effort. Plus, any excuse to wear this faux lambswool vest from Piperlime and my Ann Taylor beanie is a win in my book!

I’m realizing that hats are becoming my best friend as of late. They really help mask the fact that I’ve been way too busy to properly take of my hair, and for that I am grateful.

Ann Taylor Sparkly Beanie

Plaid Shirt with Vest and Leather Pants

Plaid Shirt with Fuzzy Vest and Beanie

Banana Republic Plaid Shirt

Black and White Winter Outfit

Vest: Piperlime (similar) | Shirt: Banana Republic (on sale!) | Pants: H&M (similar) | Shoes: Report | Hat: Ann Taylor

Video: Fashion & Accessories Haul!

2 Dec

I’m back after a mini hiatus! As fun as the holidays are, they are equally as stressful and chaotic. I’ve been busy helping prepare for an onslaught of upcoming holiday parties, and I think the madness will slowly start to settle soon.

So, I realized recently that I’ve actually bought quite a few things these past few months. I’m not much of a fall and winter girl, which can be evidenced by my lack of fashion choices this time of year. A few months ago, you could have heard crickets coming from my cold weather section of the closet. Not having winter-appropriate clothing was my own twisted way of rebelling against my least favorite seasons. I finally came to the realization that this “rebellion” was doing nothing, and decided I needed to stock up on some new clothes. Trust me, it was torture saying no to those end-of-summer sales. I had to constantly tell myself “No, you’re only buying fall and winter stuff now.”

I’ve worn a lot of this stuff on my blog already. There are a few things that I’m also planning on wearing soon (if this weather ever cooperates). I wanted to share everything, because I’m really excited about all the styling possibilities there are. Also, I just really love watching “haul” videos on YouTube, and thought it would be fun to make one ;). If you aren’t familiar, hauls are essentially a roundup of items you bought. AKA what I like to call a successful shopping trip.

This video is a mix of local boutiques and mass retailers (all of which I love shopping at). I hope you enjoy, and Happy December!

Bubbles: Thanksgiving Cocktails

26 Nov

Happy Thanksgiving-Eve, AKA the biggest drinking night of the year! I’m so mad at myself I haven’t had time to post lately, but I’ve been helping my parents get the house ready for all the Christmas parties they’re hosting this season. We started early this year, since holiday party season seems to sneak up on us every year. I’m hoping the early decorating will give me some more time to work on blog stuff in the coming month.

There’s also been some bizarre weather lately, which has made picture taking pretty hard. I actually had an outfit post planned for sometime this week, but once I loaded the pictures on my computer, I decided otherwise. Let’s just say freezing temperatures = me making pretty unfortunate facial expressions.

Hopefully this weird weather turns around soon. In the meantime, I wanted to share some festive Thanksgiving-inspired drinks to get you in the holiday spirit. I feel like it’s essential to incorporate pumpkin and apple into your cocktails this time of year. I hope everyone has a good Thanksgiving. I know I’ve been dreaming of mashed potatoes for months now ;)! Cheers!

Apple & Bourbon Punch

Apple Bourbon Martini Cocktail

Pumpkin Pie Martini

Pumpkin Pie Martini

Sparkling Apple Sangria

Sparkling Apple Sangria

Apple Cider Float (non-alcoholic)

Non Alcoholic Apple Cider Float

Sparkling in the Snow

20 Nov

Cream Embellished Knit Winter Hat

This week started off with the seasons first snowstorm. Usually, when I hear it’s going to snow a lot, I shrug it off, because people like to hype up a big weather event. This was the real deal, though, and I have to admit I kind of liked it! My thoughts are if it’s going to be this cold, there might as well be snow on the ground. For me, it’s a nice distraction, and takes my mind off the fact that my nose is constantly running and I can’t feel my fingertips an hour after being outside.

The real reason I had no complaints about the snow Monday was that it gave me the perfect excuse to wear my new sparkly Ann Taylor hat! There were some great sales last weekend, and I took full advantage. I snatched up this hat, and was waiting for Mother Nature to do her job and make me wear it. She acted quickly, which tells me she can appreciate some good winter fashion. I’ve always wanted a cute winter hat, and this knit beanie was the perfect combination of glam and sparkle.

I mentioned how much I’ve been wearing this coat, and I’m obviously sticking to my word. I actually had an epiphany over the weekend when I went out with my friends. As we were all walking to the bar, I noticed all of us had coats on (guys included), and got weirdly happy about it. This might sound really bizarre. Coats in November? Isn’t that normal? I think it’s normal, but everyone my age has always ditched the coat on the weekends up until now. I think people have a higher tolerance to the cold than me, but I always hated being the only girl with a coat out, so I too would ditch the coat *peer pressure at its finest*. This was a thing all through college, and even the last two years since college. However, every single one of us wore a coat out last weekend. Weird as it may sound, it made me extremely happy that everyone is getting to the age where they want to bundle up. On the flipside, it also made me feel really old that I get that much happiness out of wearing a coat.

 Baby Blue Long Winter Coat

Cream Knit Beanie Winter Hat

Cute Outdoor Winter Outfit with Sparkly Ann Taylor Hat

Ann Taylor Embellished Knit Hat

Embellished Winter Hat with Turtleneck

Stylish Womens Winter Weather Outfit

Coat: Tulle via Trend Boutique | Hat: Ann Taylor (color is Irish Cream) | Pants: J.Crew | Turtleneck: Express (similar) | Shoes: Report

Coveting Capes

19 Nov

If I had to pick one piece of clothing to purchase this season, it would be a cape. I’ve never owned one, but have had my eye on them for years. It seems like there are a ton of gorgeous options this season, which has me feeling extremely left out that I don’t have one! Yeah, they don’t seem like the most practical piece of fashion, but you don’t always need practical. These are a few of the ones I love the most. I love how clean and simple they are. I’m obviously trying to build up an outerwear collection this year. After the last winter we had, and the supposed harsh one we’re going to have this year, I’m trying to be fashionably prepared!

Capes for Women

Top: Ralph Lauren | Nasty Gal

Bottom: Ted Baker | C.Wonder

The Coziest Coat

17 Nov

Blue Winter Coat with Polkadot Tights

This weekend was one of those ones where I felt like I was in the Twilight Zone. I decided to make a quick pitstop to Banana Republic early Saturday evening, which I thought would be a quick in and out trip. While I was trying on clothes in the fitting room, the loud music and lights shut off. Everything flickered on and off for a minute, until everything eventually went black. I panicked. Being in a pitch black dressing room mid sweater change is not exactly comforting. A store employee came back and asked that everyone “come to the front of the store.” I assumed that something bad was happening, so I was in full on freakout mode. Luckily it was only a power outage (that knocked out the entire outdoor shopping center). We still managed to purchase things, thanks to the old school method of writing down our credit card info. While lingering in the store, we heard yelling outside. All ten of us in the store (including the employees) ran to the door to find a woman screaming and flailing her arms in the air. Let’s just say there were hundreds of cars snaked around the parking lot, and nobody was going anywhere soon.

Seeing this crazed woman convinced me the zombie apocalypse was taking place, and I was going to be part of it. Camping out at Banana Republic had never sounded more appealing. I ventured out to my car, and into the madness, to sit in my parking spot for 45 minutes. Let’s just say people weren’t exactly willing to let other cars out in front of them. After an hour of claustrophobia/anxiety, I had inched my way out of there and back into the world. This *dramatic* experience tells me I need to start recording some episodes of Doomsday Preppers.

Kate Spade Polkadot Tights

Belted Winter Coat

Tulle Blue Winter Coat

This coat has become my favorite companion in this cold weather. I got it at Trend Boutique, and seriously, it does not leave my body (even when I get inside). I’m not a fan of coats with tons of buttons or other contraptions. I want a coat that’s easy to put on and take off, and this is it. I’ve been adding a glittery belt to give it more structure and dress it up a bit. Sadly, my coat collection is very tiny. My sophomore year of college, I had a small slip-up when I was moving out of my dorm. A week after the school year ended, I realized I never cleaned out my coat closet when packing up my stuff. I frantically called the university, but the coats were long gone. There were vests, dressy coats, expensive ski jackets, and more. Up until now, I hadn’t replenished my coat collection. Now that I have this baby blue one, it’s kind of become perfect for every occasion. Since it’s currently snowing as I type this, I already know what I’ll be wearing this week ;).

Baby Blue Fuzzy Winter Coat

Coat: Tulle via Trend Boutique | Tights: Kate Spade | Shoes: Nine West (similar) | Belt: J.Crew (similar)


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