Photo-Ready Smile + A GIVEAWAY!

22 Jul

colgate optic white

Happy Friday, friends! I’m wrapping up a nice vacation on Captiva Island, and not ready to get back to reality. Luckily I’ll have a nice little tan as a souvenir when I get back home. As much as I don’t want my vacation to end, I have a ton of fun events to look forward to the rest of the summer that are keeping me motivated.

From weddings to bachelorette parties and every event in between, I have a lot of exciting things coming up quickly. Of course, I want to look my best, from my outfit, makeup and most importantly, my smile! While it’s nice to have that summer glow, it’s even more important that you have a smile that pops this time of year. That’s why I’ve been giving extra attention to my dental hygiene routine.

Colgate Optic White Kit

When Colgate and Meijer reached out to me to try a Colgate Optic White kit, I was thrilled because I already use (and love) Colgate products. I’ve been using Colgate Optic White toothpaste for years with amazing results, and I love that it takes my teeth from dull to bright. Plus, it has a nice minty taste that actually makes brushing your teeth enjoyable.

Having a bright smile in the summer is a must, but I also stick to another tried and true method to make my look really stand out: lipstick. I’m all about vivid lip colors this time of year to create a bold, fun beauty look. I like to stick to reds and pinks to make my teeth look extra white. I’ve never met a pink or red shade I didn’t love.

Colgate Whitening Pen

Now for the fun part: a giveaway! I’m giving one lucky reader their own Colgate Optic White kit, which includes a whitening toothpaste, toothbrush, mouthwash and whitening pen with tootbrush all from the Optic White range! If you’ve never used these products before, I think you’ll be extremely impressed with the results.

To enter, click this Rafflecopter link . Giveaway ends 7/29 at midnight. Good luck!

Feminine Separates

14 Jul

Feminine Bow Top

Zara Striped Top

Tweed isn’t exactly the most summery material, but I just could not resist these striped matching separates when I saw them on the Zara website. I feel like it was fate, because I hadn’t shopped there in like two years.

There were just too many good details on these separates that I knew I’d regret if I didn’t jump on them. Obviously, the bow was the first aspect to suck me in. An oversized bow will always suck me in. The fringe along the hem added a fun detail that further proved to me I needed it.

Feminine Bow Top

Matching Set Outfits

I bought this on a whim, not exactly sure where I’d wear it, but deep down knowing I’d find a place. Sure enough, an opportunity presented itself about a week later. I was invited to the Dressing Downton exhibit at the Taft Museum of Art, and thought this was the perfect outfit for the event. It’s ladylike, polished and classic, just like the costumes on the show.

The exhibit was incredible, and it’s no surprise that my favorite pieces all had elaborate beadwork and sparkle. If you’re in Cincinnati, I highly recommend it!

Matching Separates Outfit

Matching Separates Zara

Zara Jacquard Bow Top

Tweed Top Zara

Tweed Matching Separates

Matching Separates Outfit

Tweed Striped Shorts Zara

Zara Tweed Frayed Shorts | Zara Jacquard Bow Top | Lulu’s Heels (similar) | Kate Spade Sunglasses | Kate Spade Pearl Bow Earrings

Candy Colored Stripes

6 Jul

Colorful Striped Shirt JCrew

I’m back after a brief blog hiatus! Do you ever have those moments where life just gets a little too overwhelming and you need to take a step back and have a breather? That’s where I’ve been the past few weeks, and after an extremely relaxing trip to Cleveland over the holiday weekend I’m ready to dive back into the real world.

Joe and I did a ton of fun things over the weekend, and we really explored Cleveland which we haven’t done in awhile. I joke that I don’t visit him in the winter because I just can’t handle the lake effect, but that actually was the case this year. I somehow managed to avoid journeying up there the entire winter, which was made easier by the fact that he was prepping for his CFA those months. I wasn’t complaining, especially since his work schedule had him in the southern parts of Ohio a good amount of the time. Now that summer is here, I was antsy to get up there and enjoy the nice weather. It’s crazy how different the temperatures are in Cincinnati and Cleveland. It’s a good ten degrees cooler up there, and I even struggled with it this time of year. I’m pathetic.

Madewell Cropped Skinny Jeans

JCrew Striped Shirt

JCrew Striped Popover Shirt

The focus of today’s blog post is this colorful striped J.Crew shirt. If there were a shirt that summed up my attitude in the summer this would be it. Fun, colorful and comfortable. My eyes were instantly drawn to it when I was shopping at J.Crew a few weeks ago. It comes in a tunic version as well, but there was something about this shirt that I loved. As much as I loved it, I was a little worried because it looked pretty big and boxy. Luckily, they had a really small size that I tried on and it ended up working. For reference, I typically wear a size Small, but went with a XXS to make it a little less boxy. It still has a good amount of that casual, flowy structure, too.

This top is totally me this time of year. I gravitate toward the most colorful pieces in the summer, even if they aren’t the most practical. Not to say this isn’t practical, but it’s definitely something I’m not wearing to work every day. With that being said, this will be the first thing in my suitcase when I pack for my upcoming Florida trip. The multi-colored candy stripes give off retro beach vibes, but also weirdly remind me of that Fruit Stripe gum with the zebra on the packaging.

Colorful Striped Shirt JCrew

I also feel the need to mention my love-hate relationship with these skinny cropped Madewell jeans. I love the length and the wash, but this zipper causes me some serious issues. I wanted to mention it in case anyone thinks I’m an idiot who doesn’t know how to zip her pants up all the way. For some reason, the zipper just slides down throughout the day. Not blatantly or all the way, but just the perfect subtle amount that I don’t even notice it until it’s too late. Case in point, these lovely pictures!

Colorful Striped Shirt JCrew

Colorful Striped Shirt JCrew

Candy Striped Shirt JCrew

Colorful Striped JCrew Shirt

J.Crew Candy Striped Popover Shirt

Madewell Cropped Skinny Jeans (similar)

Banana Republic Margaux Sunglasses

Rebecca Minkoff MAB Tote

Banana Republic Eryn Sandals

Week In Review

25 Jun

Another summer work week in the books! Can we pause time or slow it down a little? My brain is fried from the week, so I’m not 100% sure what my weekend plans are but I do know I have a bridal shower and an open house. A little work and a little play, except in real estate a little work usually pans out to be hours of unexpected work😉. It’s all good, though. It’s not too bad being busy this time of year because the weather’s so nice. It’s much easier running around town all day when the sun is shining.

Glitter Guide shared a guide to the best in Fourth of July fashion, and I thought it was too good not to share. Sure, sporting your red, white and blue is patriotic, but there’s also something so chic about this color combination. I’m loving this flirty and feminine striped dress from ASOS they shared.

Fourth of July Fashion

Speaking of ASOS, did you know their site’s been down the past few days? It felt like the online fashion world was quickly coming to an end. I remember being up super late Thursday night, and deciding to take a quick browse on the site like I usually do. That’s when I first saw the site had been down, but I assumed they were doing some middle of the night maintenance. I was bummed, but didn’t fret too much. The next day when it was still down? Worry set in. Was one of my favorite online retailers going off the grid?  I then saw that tons of other people were also freaking out, which frankly made me feel a little bit better about my own hysteria. Luckily, the site is now back up and running (hallelujah), but you have to read this hilarious Buzzfeed article that shares everyone’s sentiments about ASOS being down for *so long*.

Apparently it was National Pink Day the other day, and I’m bummed I missed out on it. A day celebrating one of my favorite colors? Sign me up. I thought this pretty rose, lemon and strawberry infused water recipe from Wallflower Kitchen would be perfect to celebrate the day of pink. It’s non-alcoholic, but could probably change that if you wanted to😉. I’m a sucker for anything pink, especially when it can be drank.

Pink Drink Recipe

Have a good weekend, everyone!

Shoes That Shine

23 Jun

Aldo Cicci Heels

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m hard on shoes. I wear them into the ground, and my mom will tell you that I take terrible care of them. Up until a few years ago, I was pretty practical when it came to my shoe preferences. I’d have one go-to shoe for each “category” in life, and it got the job done. A black heel, some Tory Burch flats (those things are workhorses), a bootie and some summer wedges and sandals. They were all cute shoes, but obviously I never gave myself a lot of options, making it almost impossible to not be hard on them.

Cream Leather Jacket

BaubleBar Necklace

Once I started my blog and got into the real estate business, I realized it was time to start branching out and expanding my shoe collection. Of course, I was more than happy to partake in this closet expansion. I still have my go-to practical shoes for day to day activities, but I’ve also added some more fun options to my repertoire. That’s where these gold block heel sandals from ASOS come into play. They’re Aldo, but I saw them on ASOS’ site and had to have them. I actually have an almost identical ASOS brand pair that are metallic green. There’s something about a block heel that just sucks me in instantly. They are so much better than a traditional stiletto, and I frankly feel like my odds of face-planting drop significantly when I opt for a block heel.

While these definitely aren’t everyday shoes (can you imagine me showing houses in these things?), they’ve been a lot more versatile than I ever imagined. They’re great for a sleek look like this, or to add some glam to a dressy, feminine look (I wore them to a wedding recently with a bright yellow dress).

I thought these shoes went perfectly with this casual but sleek summertime look. This cream colored faux leather jacket from Free People is the most comfortable and well-fitting thing I’ve worn in awhile. It’s structured, but still lets me move around and not feel restricted. I paired it with the most perfect black skinny jeans from Banana Republic. Seriously, if you’re in the market for ankle length black pants, you need these in your life!

Aldo Gold Cicci Heels

BaubleBar Statement Necklace

Can you believe June is almost over? It just hit me this week when I heard someone mention the date, and it freaked me out. I always dream of summer, and now that it’s here I feel like it’s already slipping away. It’s kind of a double edged sword, because I’m so busy with work that I don’t have much free time lately. On the flip side, if I had a ton of free time on my schedule, I would feel like I wasn’t doing enough. Does anyone else have these internal battles with themselves on a daily basis? It’s exhausting! It could be much worse, and I’m grateful that these are the “issues” I have to stress about. As long as I make it to the pool more than one time this summer, I’ll be a happy girl. Is it obvious what my favorite season is?

Casual Summer Outfit Ideas

Black Skinny Jeans

Gold Block Heel Sandals | Free People Faux Leather Jacket

Banana Republic Skinny Jeans | BaubleBar Necklace (similar) | Boohoo Sunglasses c/o (similar)

Video: POPSUGAR Must Have June Unboxing

21 Jun

Are you familiar with the POPSUGAR Must Have Box? It’s a monthly subscription box curated with the latest and greatest full size products for you to discover. I’ve gotten quite a few over the past couple of years, and they never disappoint! I don’t think there’s anything more exciting than getting packages in the mail, especially when you don’t know what’s going to be inside. I know there are a ton of subscription boxes out there, but I’ve always been a huge advocate of the Must Have Box because they give you full size products, not samples.

You can watch the unboxing in my latest YouTube video below, or read on about what products were selected for this month’s Must Have box!

June’s box did not disappoint. There was a nice little mix of food, beauty, fashion and other goodies. First up, is a bag of sriracha-flavored Pressels. I’ve never heard of this brand, but the packaging looks tempting! Next, these deodorant wipes from Pacifica. I didn’t even know such a thing existed, but I was instantly intrigued. I love that these are compact and have a resealable pouch, making it perfect when you’re on the go. The print of the packaging reminds me of Lilly Pulitzer, and I want more of this print in my life. The scent I was given is coconut milk and kale extract.

This “Cheers” bottle opener was my favorite thing in the box. I love anything gold, and this is going to be the perfect accessory on my bar cart. Another favorite was this printed sarong, which is going to come in major handy this summer. I love that the print is subtle and simple and can be paired with pretty much everything. The box also included a handy compact, that’s going to come in handy for my chaotic work schedule. I can work weird hours sometimes, and I like to check on the state of my makeup as the day goes on. I usually use my iPhone, but this mirror catches all the angles.

This NCLA nail polish was made exclusively for POPSUGAR, and is easily the most patriotic nail polish I’ve ever seen. It’s red, silver and blue glitter and it’s incredible. It brings me back to the days I’d wear glitter nail polish when I was younger. I can’t wait to try this out. Last but not least is the Ridley’s Game Room “Who Am I?” game. This was another product with excellent packaging. This game is perfect to bring on trips due to it’s conveniently small size. It’s an easy game that can be played for hours, especially if you add some cocktails to the mix!

Popsugar Must Have Box June

Collared Lace Dress

20 Jun

Self Portrait Lace Dress

Donna Morgan Dress

If there were a dress that completely summed up my style this would be the one. My mom actually found it on Lord & Taylor’s site (thanks mom) and yelled for me to come look at it right away. Sure enough, it was love at first sight. My mom knows I have a soft spot for anything with a collar, especially if feminine details are also added to the mix. I’m pretty sure I added this Donna Morgan number to my cart ASAP.

If  you’re familiar with the brand Self-Portrait, then you probably notice how this could totally pass as a dress from the popular label. The best part, though? This was a fraction of the price. I think I ended up paying around $100 for this black lace beauty. Doesn’t it look like ten times more expensive than that?! I had to snatch this up right away before someone else beat me to it.

There’s so many great details on this dress, you have to look closely to see them all. There’s this great sheer detail right under the white collar, which adds a subtly sexy element to the mix. And I love how intricate the lace outer layer is. It’s a bit longer than the built-in nude slip underneath, allowing the lace trim to really stand out along the hem.

Black Lace Collar Dress

Collar Lace Dress

Unfortunately, I can’t even share a link to this exact dress because it’s all sold out. I shot these back in May and didn’t post them right away because I got sick. This must have been a popular one! I’ve always loved Donna Morgan dresses, and this is obviously at the top of my list. They know their way around constructing the most feminine, girly dresses!

I almost always style my hair down in beachy waves, but thought this dress called for a long, wavy ponytail. When you wear a dress this intricate, I think it’s good to keep your hair out of the way so it doesn’t compete. I feel like I’m at that point where I need a haircut, but keep pushing it off. The length is amazing about 85% of the time, but then there’s moments where I want to pull a Britney and just shave it all off. The maintenance can be such a hassle when it’s this thick and long, but once it’s styled? Love. These are the life decisions that keep me up at night.

Black and White Collar Dress

Collar Lace Dress Self Portrait

Collared Dress with Lace

Donna Morgan Dress

Donna Morgan Lace Dress

Lace Collar Dress

Donna Morgan Isabella Dress (love this, this, this, this, this)  | Lulu’s Ankle Strap Heels (similar)

Week In Review

17 Jun

I can proudly say that this was the first full week that I have felt completely healthy and normal for the first time in over a month! You never realize how great it is to be healthy and normal until you don’t feel that way. There were times this past month that I had it in my head that I would never feel better, and it was the worst feeling. Luckily, I’m back to 100% and I can’t wait to start getting back into the swing of things and enjoying summer.

To say a smile came over my face when I laid eyes on these fruit pizza cookies is an understatement. It’s 11 p.m. as I’m writing this, and I think the thought of these just gave me a rush of energy. Erin from Well Plated is basically a genius for taking the traditional fruit pizza and putting it into bite size cookie form.

Fruit Pizza Cookies Recipe

Ever since I fell back in love with hoops a few months ago, I’ve been very aware every time I come across a pair I like. I was browsing the Tory Burch site and came across these adorable charm hoop earrings. They are truly the epitome of summer, considering the charms are made up of a cacti, shells, cherries and bananas. Plus, they’re now on sale!

Tory Burch Hoop Earrings

I came across a House Beautiful article earlier this week discussing the ‘Lady Lair’. I was intrigued and had to click to see what the heck they were talking about. Essentially, it’s the female version of the man cave, and I am totally on board. Imagine having a room for lounging, pampering yourself or just a general “happy place” and you have yourself a lady lair. The abundance of lucite and bold colors in the House Beautiful feature seems like a room I would totally create for myself. I’m now convinced that any place I live from here out will only be sufficient if I myself have a lady lair.

Lady Lair House Beautiful

Have a good weekend!

Bauble Wish List: Charm & Chain Collection

16 Jun

You’ve probably seen me mention Charm & Chain here before, as it’s one of my favorite online destinations for the latest and greatest in jewelry. With pieces from Erickson Beamon, DANNIJO, Loren Hope and Kendra Scott to name a few, it’s pretty much bauble heaven.

I was ecstatic when I recently noticed that Charm & Chain released their own namesake collection. After years of selling the best from other jewelry lines, they decided to create a range of pieces inspired by their vast knowledge and experience. I personally love that they created statement pieces as well as some simple, understated options. There’s also a vintage charm that resonates throughout the collection. Basically, I want everything they’re selling.

Charm and Chain Collection

Flamingo Brooch | Eldorado Necklace | Dinah Earrings

Nelda Ring | Monroe Earrings | Wexler Necklace

Summer Tweed Dress

14 Jun

Banana Republic Dress

Happy Tuesday! I got back in town yesterday after spending the weekend in St. Louis for a wedding. Even though the flight is a little under and hour, I am struggling to get back to reality. It was such a fun weekend, but sleep was not on the agenda. There’s definitely going to be some naps worked into my schedule this week. Life as a vibrant 26-year-old…

Tweed Fit And Flare Dress

Blue Tweed Dress

If you look at my closet, you’d probably notice my particularly large dress collection. No matter how many dresses I have, I always seem to want more and will come up with any excuse necessary to justify it. I think some of you out there can probably (/hopefully) relate to that justifying your purchase mentality. Dresses have always been my weakness, and I’m pretty sure at this point I have a dress for virtually every occasion in life.

The latest addition to my dress collection is this tweed stunner from Banana Republic. I hadn’t previously owned any tweed dresses, so of course I knew I had to get it (there’s my justification ;)). The fit-and-flare was another huge selling point for me. I don’t think you can get a silhouette more feminine. The dress itself is thick and substantial, making it look very high end and perfect for any summertime event. There’s also a fringe detail along the trim that adds a nice whimsical touch. I have a few bridal showers coming up the next few months, and this is going to be my dress of choice when those days come.

Banana Republic Dress

Banana Republic Tweed Dress

Another new and noteworthy piece of today’s look? These incredible lace-up sandals. I struggled on what color to choose because they all would have gotten a warm welcome in my closet, but ultimately settled on the nude pair (Vachetta on the BR site). I tend to be rough on shoes, so I was in need of some cute but versatile summer sandals. Lace-up shoes are everywhere at the moment, and I have to say they’re way more comfortable than I imagined! I’ve already worn these multiple times, and they are holding up perfectly. I have a feeling we’re going to get along very well these next few months!

Banana Republic Eryn Heels

 Banana Republic Tweed Dress

  Banana Republic Dress

Banana Republic Tweed Fit And Flare Dress c/o

Banana Republic Eryn Sandal c/o

Banana Republic provided free product in exchange for this post. All opinions expressed are my own.

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