Style & Sustainability Gala

26 Sep

Happy Monday, everyone! If you love fashion and live in the Cincinnati area, then you’ll want to keep reading today’s post.

Style and Sustainability Gala

This Saturday, Modern Makers and Urban Blooms are teaming up to host the Style + Sustainability Gala. Taking place in a 100,000 square foot industrial space, the event will feature a moss catwalk, 25 designers, local vendors and food trucks. There’s also going to be “living walls” created by Urban Blooms, which I am extremely excited to see. I’ve admired their work for awhile, and love the idea of having a wall garden.

I’m going to be there along with some of the other Thread Cincinnati members. We’d love to meet you! For more information on the event, check out the Facebook page. To get tickets, click here.

Now time to figure out what I’m wearing…

Week In Review

23 Sep

Welcome to the first Friday of the fall season! It still feels like summer, which I’m totally fine with. My mom and I celebrated the last official night of summer Wednesday by venturing to Top of the Park for a rooftop drink. It was beautiful out, and it made me realize I’m still going back and forth with this season change.

Do you have any weekend plans? I don’t have anything on the agenda for Friday and Saturday yet, but Sunday I have my annual family bocce tournament. It’s an Italian tradition in our family, and despite my mediocre bocce talent, I still look forward to it every year. I just hope that my team makes it past the first round this year. I don’t think I’ve ever achieved that milestone.

I’ve been pretty good about not buying jewelry for awhile now (other than some vintage brooches recently), but the more I look online the more I’m tempted to splurge. I always love everything by Lulu Frost, and I try to stay strong by avoiding the site altogether to avoid temptation. After a moment of weakness this week, I decided to check out what’s new and of course I now cannot stop thinking everything that I want. There were a ton of gorgeous statement pieces, but something about this Cosmic necklace spoke to me. I love the choker length, and the metals are still subtle but statement making. The mix of gold and silver is perfection!

Lulu Frost Cosmic Necklace

I don’t think there’s a cocktail more perfect for this weird in-between season thing than this one. It’s a Cider Beer Sangria, and it looks and sounds genius. You have the touches of fall with the apple flavors, but also are still paying homage to summer with the sangria addition. I like it.

Cider Beer Sangria

For the longest time, I was never a big Pinterest user. I don’t really know why, because there’s so much inspiration in one place. For whatever reason though lately, I’ve found myself spending all my downtime browsing through Pinterest on my phone. I’ve had a pretty hectic summer and on top of that was sick a lot the past few months. Pinterest became like a calming mechanism for me and served as an escape from my day-t0-day stressors. It’s funny because Pinterest can be notorious for being stress-inducing due to all the “perfection” you come across. Luckily, it’s been a fun way to pass the time, and I’ve been trying to make a point of pinning more things (mostly food related). You can follow my Pinterest here!

pinterest food

Stepping Into Fall

21 Sep

Brown Corduroy Skirt

Today is the day I’m officially making the switch over to fall fashion. It makes me sad to hang up my summer clothes and saw farewell to the warm weather, but I have to admit I’m excited to take my fall clothes for a spin. If we could keep September weather for the rest of fall then it would be the best of both worlds.

I’ve already been stocking up on some new fall pieces, and one of them is this incredible J.Crew corduroy mini skirt. I have a good amount of corduroy pants, but this is my first skirt in the fabric. Joe (my boyfriend) is obsessed with corduroy, and I think of him every time I see it. I love the length of this skirt because it’s appropriate for work, but short enough that it’s also cute for non-work occasions.

JCrew Corduory Skirt

corduroy skirt jcrew

I feel like once a new season starts, it takes awhile to find your style groove. I kept looking at myself in the mirror in this outfit and feeling like something didn’t look right. I felt weirdly uncomfortable, but I think I’m just trying to get adjusted to these heavier clothes.

One of the things I feel like I’m always lacking is shoes. I have a ton of them, but never the “right pair”. I think we’ve all been there. I practically live in my Mary-Jane heels this time of year, but wanted to switch it up (and also I’m really worried I’m going to wear out the soles of my favorite shoes). Block heels are my absolute favorite thing at the moment, because they elongate you while still making you feel stable. I always feel like a baby deer when I’m trying to navigate in high heels, so I hope this block heel trend stays around for awhile.

Rebecca Minkoff Brooke

I saw these Rebecca Minkoff heels and it was like my dream shoe had come to life. They have the Mary-Jane strap and it’s a low block heel. Score. This is my first time wearing them, but so far they’ve proven to be incredibly comfortable!

Fall Outfit Ideas

Casual Fall Outfit Ideas

Rebecca Minkoff Brooke Heels

Jcrew Corduroy Skirt

Fall Outfits

Madewell Striped Top

J.Crew Corduroy Skirt | Banana Republic Denim Jacket | Madewell Striped Top (similar) | Rebecca Minkoff Brooke Heels | Kendra Scott Cindy Earrings

Donned In Denim

19 Sep

Denim Dress

To this day, one of the most satisfying situations in life is when I find something in my closet that I had totally forgotten about. I always feel like I hit the fashion jackpot when I score something freshly rediscovered that hasn’t seen the light of day in a few years.

My latest find? This denim mini dress that I bought my freshman year of college! Yes, this bad boy was purchased in from Forever 21 in 2008, and worn probably a total of two times. Since I was on a college student’s budget back then, most of my shopping took place at Forever 21. I remember a massive Forever 21 opening at a brand new shopping center during my freshman year at UD. This place was magical. It was two levels and felt like the size of a department store. Dayton, Ohio isn’t exactly a shopping mecca, so having a good Forever 21 nearby came in handy.

Denim Dress Outfit Ideas

denim dress

I shot this look a few weeks back when my mom and I went to lunch at Sotto. You can read that post here. It was pretty toasty out that day, and it was that point in the summer where you feel like you’ve already worn everything too many times. I dug deep in my closet, and saw this dress peeking out. It was the perfect daytime dress, and I spiced it up a little by adding this Tara Lea Smith necklace (doesn’t it look like an expensive Lulu Frost piece?!) and some heels. I’ve also been living in these lucite sunglasses from Banana Republic for the past three months. I had been looking for a pair that worked with my face for years with no luck, and finally settled on this pair that I love.

On another note, I’m finally starting to feel better after having strep throat all last week. It was rough, but I’m crossing my fingers I’ll somehow bypass the same illness once fall and winter hit. I’m relieved I won’t be bedridden anymore, but am a little nervous about all the work I have to catch up on. Time to get to those emails…

Denim Dress

Forever 21 Denim Dress

Lulu Frost Inspired Jewelry

Tara Lea Smith

Forever 21 Denim Dress (love this, this & this) | Banana Republic Eryn Sandals | Tara Lea Smith Necklace | Kate Spade Purse | Banana Republic Sunglasses

Week In Review

16 Sep

After battling strep throat this week, let’s just say I’m happy this week is coming to an end. I’m still not feeling back to normal, but at least I won’t be missing as much work as I have been during the week. During my downtime this week, a lot of Hey Arnold episodes have been consumed. My brother recently informed me (wish he had done so sooner) that he has a Hulu subscription, and even more importantly, the entire Hey Arnold series is on it! We share a love of old school Nickelodeon, so this made my sick week slightly more tolerable.

Since being sick and alcohol don’t quite go hand-in-hand, I’ve been looking at drinks that are booze-free to pass the time. How incredibly cute is this Circus Animal Cookie Milkshake from Glitter and Bubbles?! Yes, the rainbow sprinkles sold me instantly on this one. Remember, calories don’t count on the weekend😉

Rainbow Sprinkle Milkshake

I’ve been drooling over all the new jewelry collections coming out for fall. There’s so many rich colors mixed with elegant metals, and I pretty much want everything. As usual, the pieces in Loren Hope’s latest collection are stunners. These sapphire drop earrings are at the top of my list. These would be perfect if you’re attending a fall wedding or dressy event!

Loren Hope Earrings

As you know, New York Fashion Week has come to a close. I didn’t get to keep up with as many runway shows as I would have liked, but managed to catch up on some of my favorite designer’s shows. I’ve been saying it on my blog for years, but Marchesa continues to be one of my all-time favorites. I’m always blown away by what they can do with tulle and embellishments. There’s nothing like it, and it exudes feminine glamour. This dress was one of my favorites from their runway show. You can check out the entire collection here.

Marchesa Spring 2017

Have a great weekend!

Black & White Sophistication

15 Sep

Jcrew Ruffle Top

Are you like me and putting an insane amount of pressure on yourself at all times? It’s pretty obvious that I have totally slowed down on my blog the past few months, and I cannot tell you how guilty I feel about it. I’ve been blogging for almost four years, and this is by far the worst I’ve ever been about posting. Even though I’ve had good reason to not post as much (health reasons, being insanely busy with real estate), I’ve still been putting a crazy amount of guilt on myself. For example, I’ve been battling a nasty case of strep throat and the flu this week. It’s been rough, and although I have been completely worn out I still feel like I can’t 100% relax because my mind is thinking about all of the things I should be doing (catching up on email, working on my blog). I’ve been working on accepting when I just need to take a step back and slow down, but I’m not 100% there yet.  I think too that summer makes everything a little bit harder. We’re all trying to live it up in the nice weather, and by Labor Day you’re just drained. As much as I love the nice weather, I think I’m ready for a slow down. Blogging was always relaxing and therapeutic for me, and I want to get back to that place!

bcbg fit and flare skirt

fit and flare skirt bcbg

On a fashion-related note, this outfit epitomizes my feminine style. I’ve always had a soft spot for bows, but I went on a bit of a bow bender this summer, buying way too many tops tied with a bow. This J.Crew ruffled top caught my eye online, and it took me all of three minutes to add it to my cart. A girl knows a good bow when she sees it. I actually took these pictures in July (more proof of me falling behind this summer), and wanted to post it before it’s totally out of season.

I’ve seen a few other bloggers sporting it as well, and I can attest that it was a good purchase. The material is ponte, which I love because of its thickness. It’s been a work staple for me lately.

Black and White Ruffle Top with Bow

Black and White Striped Heels

Another piece I’ve been looking to add to my closet is a black fit and flare skirt. I have one already, but sometimes it feels too heavy and bulky. I remember trying on the BCBGMaxazria Ingrid skirt a few years back, and loving how it felt. It’s pretty fitted around the waist, but the flare is just too perfect. I saw the black version pop up on Shopbop recently, and knew this was the one.

It’s funny, usually I am all about color from spring through summer, but I’ve been going a lot more neutral lately. I don’t know why the sudden change of heart, but I like the potential of mixing and matching my black and white pieces. Knowing me, this could all change in a week. We’ll see what the season change brings!

J.Crew Ruffled Top | BCBGMaxazria Ingrid Skirt | Vince Camuto Striped Heels | Kate Spade Sunglasses

feminine outfit ideas

jcrew ruffle neck top

bcbg ingrid skirt

jcrew bow top

J.Crew Ruffled Top | BCBGMaxazria Ingrid Skirt | Vince Camuto Striped Heels | Kate Spade Sunglasses

A Lunch Date at Sotto

6 Sep

Sotto Restaurant Cincinnati

Sotto Cincinnati

If there’s ever a chance to eat pasta, you better believe I’m going to take advantage of it. This is especially true if Sotto is the destination. It’s been one of my favorite Cincinnati restaurants since it opened a few years ago, and I know I’m not alone in my favoritism. There’s something magical about walking down those steps into the dark underground space where the restaurant is located. The romantic atmosphere paired with the always amazing menu is what keeps me coming back time after time.

As if my favorite restaurant wasn’t already perfect, they recently started offering lunch, which could be slightly dangerous for this Italian girl’s appetite! I immediately thought of the other person who would be just as thrilled about a Sotto lunch as me: my mom. We had a lunch date a few weeks ago, and I’m still dreaming of our meal.

Sotto Restaurant

Sotto Restaurant Cincinnati

Sotto Cincinnati

We both ordered the cavatelli alla vodka without hesitation. The vodka sauce has always been our favorite, and I wish you could see the smile that appeared on my face when I heard this was a lunch option. It was pure bliss. My mom also ordered the panzanella, which included arugula, tomatoes, burrata and homemade croutons. She raved about it, and I can attest that every last bite of that salad was accounted for. Of course, prosecco also made an appearance at the lunch table (it was a Thursday, which is basically the weekend ;)). The perfect ending to the meal was when two freshly made ricotta donuts were delivered. If you talk to anyone who has ever dined at Sotto, you’re guaranteed to hear about the famous ricotta donut holes!

Sotto Donuts

I know this post sounds like one big love letter to Sotto, and it is. I love this restaurant, and would recommend it to anyone visiting Cincinnati. There’s truly nothing like it, and it’s my go-to for a family meal or a romantic spot with Joe. I’d also recommend Sotto if you suffer from food allergies like I do. They have always gone above and beyond to accomadate me and make me feel safe, which is priceless.

Sotto Restaurant Cincinnati

Thank you to Sotto for inviting me to lunch!

Bell Sleeves & Stripes

30 Aug

Striped Bell Sleeve Top

One of my major fashion weaknesses has always been bell sleeves. There’s something so flirty and feminine about them, and I’m all about the feminine touches. My biggest problem is I have to remind myself not to buy all the bell sleeves because I could easily fill my closet up with them.

I know I’m super late to the game on this one, but I discovered Reformation in the past few months, and have been totally hooked on everything they make. I love that everything has a simplistic feel to it, and that you can put your own personalized touch on it. I’ve gotten more and more into buying basic pieces that I can mix and match each time I wear it. This Bristol top from Reformation came in a cream color, black and this red and white striped version. I really wanted all three, but thought this striped one was the most different from anything I have.

Bell Sleeve Top

Bell Sleeve Top

I was a little worried about getting something so form fitting, but this has been surprisingly comfortable! It’s ribbed and has a nice stretch to it, so it’s pretty comfortable. I don’t have any Labor Day plans yet this weekend, but if something comes up I’m for sure pulling this out for the occasion.

reformation clothing

reformation clothing

I also wanted to mention a fun event happening tonight if you live in the Cincinnati area! Thread Cincinnati is teaming up with SIA Spa to host a night of pampering and champagne.  There’s going to be tons of great spa specials taking place, including:

– $15 make up
– $15 manicures
– $25 mini pedicures
– Complimentary VISIA skin consultations
– Complimentary blowout with any $100+ service OR $25 blowout (if not spending $100+)
– $15 eyebrow threading
– Complimentary chair massages
– Complimentary aroma touch hand treatments

There will also be champagne and fruit trays, spa tours, treatment demos, gift certificate specials, and product & service giveaways!

To reserve your appointment ahead of time, contact SIA Spa at 513-985-0777. Click here for a link to the event

madewell skinny jeans

Reformation Bristol Top

labor day outfit ideas

Red and white striped top

Reformation Bristol Top | Madewell Skinny Jeans | Lulu’s Ankle Strap Sandals (similar) | Kendra Scott Cindy Earrings

A Weekend In Toronto

25 Aug

This summer has felt like a whirlwind of travel, whether it be weekend road trips or around the Midwest or a weeklong trip to Florida. My latest destination? A quick weekend trip to Toronto with Joe!

We were supposed to go last fall, but had to cancel the trip last minute for our friends’ engagement party. We’ve both been antsy to get north of the border, so we had a lot to squeeze in in a very short amount of time. We drove in Thursday night from Cleveland, which is about four and a half hours. The worst part of the drive was at the Canadian border while we waited in the longest line of cars to show our passports and get through. We were both surprised how packed it was at 10:30 on a Thursday night with people crossing over into Canada. Once we finally got to our hotel, we both crashed and got a good night of sleep in prep for the busy weekend ahead.

Our first stop Friday day was at St. Lawrence Market, which holds the title of ‘Number 1 Food Market in the World’! I’ve been to a few markets, and this one was easily the biggest of them all. Not only was the main level massive, but there was a lower level equal in size with just as many vendors! I was totally blown away. I had to eat with my eyes since there were nutty things all around us.

Weekend in Toronto

St Lawrence Market toronto

St Lawrence Market

St Lawrence Market Toronto

Next up, we walked to the Distillery District, which you could easily spend an entire day at. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but was totally blown away once we were there. The area is comprised of Victorian industrial buildings, and I truly felt like I was stepping into history when we were there. I can’t explain the feeling, but it’s something you need to experience for yourself to understand! There was just something special about it. Essentially, the area is made up of all kinds of shops and restaurants, but with a creative twist. The Distillery District was formed with the intention of being a space for creative types of all backgrounds. There were cute coffee shops, interesting boutiques and stunning art galleries. I feel like we only got to see a fraction of it, but that small fraction was breathtaking.

What to do in Toronto

Shopping Distillery District Toronto

Distillery District Toronto

Toronto Coffee Shops

The Saucy Milliner Toronto

I tried to take pictures, but they don’t even come close to translating the beauty of the area. One of the coolest shops we went in was The Saucy Milliner. I was instantly transported into old world Europe when we set foot in the store (at least what I imagine Europe was like back in the day). Joe immediately went to the wall of driver caps and was in hat heaven. The shop owner was in the middle of constructing a hat while we were there, and it was fascinating to see her work. You really don’t see shops like that anymore, and it made me appreciate the craft of hat making. I was eyeing some gorgeous fascinators, but tried not to get too invested because I unfortunately know I have zero life events in the near future that call for a fancy headpiece. *sigh*

Distillery District Coffee

The Distillery District Toronto

Shopping Distillery District Toronto

Historic Distillery District Toronto

Shopping Distillery District Toronto

Distillery District Shops

We ventured into a ton of other establishments where I had to practice my best self-control with money, which was hard. My favorite fashion store we discovered in the area was Got Style. The store was open and massive, and had that vibe where you feel like there’s so much to discover. I was practically salivating at all the clothes. I stayed strong and only bought one thing, which is now the most feminine and gorgeous piece in my closet. Seriously, I can’t wait to wear it on here soon because it involves lace and statement sleeves!

Arvo Coffee Toronto

Arvo Coffee

Art Gallery Toronto

Distillery District in Toronto

Distillery District Restaurant

Arvo was another cool spot in the Distillery District. I believe it had just opened when we stopped by. True story: I took about 60 pictures of the decor and exposed brick walls in here. It was gorgeous.

For dinner, we went to Marinella’s, a family-run Italian restaurant in Toronto’s Little Italy. I wish we could have seen more of the neighborhood because it was in a less touristy area, but we were on a tight schedule. Our meal was to die for, and I would love to go back whenever I get back to Toronto.

Fashion Blogger Toronto

After dinner we raced to the Toronto Blue Jays game. The Blue Jays are having an amazing year, and there wasn’t an empty seat in the stadium. Joe and I both love baseball, so it was pretty cool getting to experience a sold out nighttime game in another country. Plus, we had an amazing view of the CN Tower from our seats. It was so hot at night that I was not dressed appropriately, and had to buy an oversized Blue Jays shirt. I seriously think we picked the hottest weekend ever to visit.

Toronto blue jays game

Toronto Blue Jays Game

CN Tower Toronto

I was pretty wiped during the daytime Saturday, and was a little relieved when it stormed. We packed in so much Friday and these legs were aching. Later in the day, we ventured over to Yorkville, a high end area of town with some incredible (dangerous) shopping. There’s all the high end options like Burberry and Chanel and then other well known brands like Brooks Brothers and Anthropologie. Our goal was to visit the Royal Ontario Museum (also in Yorkville) and then do some shopping. Well, since it was a rainy Saturday it seemed like the entire city of Toronto also wanted to visit the museum. The line to get tickets wrapped around the outside of the museum, and it was chaos. Joe and I decided to tap out and just hit the shops.

Club Monaco Toronto

Since Joe isn’t the biggest fan of shopping, I had to choose wisely when picking the few stores we’d go to. I had my sights set on Club Monaco (which started in Toronto), and it ended up being the only store we visited (because I spent so much time in there). I always look at Club Monaco’s website, but seeing this store in person was a totally different experience. Granted, this particular store was located in an insanely gorgeous historic building, but I could have easily maxed out my credit card in there. I was so caught up in the vibe of the store and the clothes that I didn’t get any good pictures, but it was one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever shopped in my life. There were rooms with hardwood floors and bright white walls, and then there’d be hallways with mosaic tile floors and stunning archways. It felt like a grand old church. All this hype, and all I have is this lousy picture.

On Saturday night, the last night of our trip, we had reservations at Jacobs & Co. Steakhouse. Now I’ve been to a lot of steakhouses in my 26 years, and this one was at the top of the list in terms of service, presentation and most importantly, taste. What’s really ironic about my love for steakhouses is that I don’t even eat meat. That’s right. I’m all about the family style sides when I go to a steakhouse. With my nut allergy, I’m always extremely cautious about which restaurants I feel safe eating out. It’s a bummer because I used to love going out to eat and trying new places before I buckled down and started taking my allergies seriously. People always look at me funny when I say I love steakhouses, but honestly they’re always one of the main restaurants I feel safe eating at. Fine dining establishments tend to be more accommodating and serious about allergies, and to me that is always worth the money. Plus, if you know me you know mashed potatoes are my absolute favorite food and we all know those are always on the menu at a steakhouse.

Jacobs and Co Steakhouse

The decor at Jacobs was modern and minimalistic. Joe and I made reservations to eat at the lower level piano bar since the main dining room was booked. I’m so grateful they had a few openings because I procrastinated and made reservations a week before the trip. Joe ordered a Caesar salad (which was prepared table side), asparagus and a steak (I could not tell you what kind because I know absolutely nothing about steak). Having already scoured the menu before our visit, I knew I was getting an order of mashed potatoes and creamed corn. People are always taken aback when I tell them that I will not in fact be sharing my sides with the table🙂. Everything was incredible, and you’ll just have to take my word on that because I wasn’t wearing my blogger hat that night and forgot to take pictures. Between the piano player and relaxing atmosphere, photography was the last thing on my mind. I cannot recommend Jacobs & Co. enough, and will definitely be making a trip back next time I’m in Toronto!

Although it was a short trip, Toronto 100% lived up to my expectations. Joe and I both loved exploring around the city, and have already been talking about getting back there in the future!

Scalloped Bikini

18 Aug

Mott Bikini Marysia

Marysia Swim

I had been wanting a Marysia swimsuit for what felt like years leading into this summer. I cannot tell you how many times I’d stalk them online, fantasizing about which suit I’d get if I ever made a purchase. Every color and style is so chic and timeless, so really any option would be good in my book. The scalloped detail is probably my favorite aspect of the brand’s iconic suits.

This summer (after spending countless hours swimsuit shopping online), I decided it was time to treat myself to a Marysia swimsuit. At first, I had a hard time justifying the price, but I knew these suits had to be good., My next struggle was figuring out which color to go with. I had it narrowed down to the mustard color and this red one. I ultimately went with the red, mainly because I’ve always wanted a solid red swimsuit (and it’s been hard to find one that isn’t super skimpy).

Marysia Mott Bikini

Honestly, this suit was worth every penny. The quality is top notch, and the fabric makes it the most comfortable suit I’ve ever worn. It’s also extremely flattering. Sometimes I feel like swimsuits can cut me off at weird places, but this suit sat so nicely and held me in comfortably. There’s no underwire support, but it’s really not necessary with this halter cut. I have to be pretty picky about swimwear when it comes to this, and I had zero issues.

Marysia Scalloped Bikini

Marysia Swim

I took these pictures on my vacation to Captiva Island, Florida last month. Now I’m wishing I was back at the beach.

Anthropologie Straw Hat

Marysia Swimsuit

Marysia Swimwear

Red Scalloped Bikini

Marysia Mott Top | Marysia Spring Bottom | Anthropologie Hat