Gloves Galore

For some reason, I have been really into gloves lately. I don’t know if it’s the cold weather, or the fact that I’ve just never noticed how many cute pairs of gloves are out there.  I got these Michael Kors fingerless gloves for Christmas, and cannot take them off! What’s even more exciting is that most of the gloves below are on sale, so you can stock up on your favorite pairs.

Jan 2013 Gloves

Top Row: 1|2|3

Middle Row: 1|2

Bottom Row: 1|2|3

*This post was submitted to the IFB Project: Winter Accessory Essentials


7 thoughts on “Gloves Galore

  1. Pearls & Lace

    I’m also on a glove kick at the moment! I got a pair of leather gloves for Christmas and I’ve seen been on the lookout for more! Love the long pink J.Crew gloves!

    xo jen


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