Bubbles On A Budget

Barefoot Pink Moscato Champagne


Barefoot Bubbly Pink Moscato Champagne


It’s finally Friday, which means many of us will be celebrating the weekend with some alcohol. I recently realized that I have yet to talk about “bubbles” since I’ve started my blog, which is surprising considering my love for champagne (and the title of my blog). There’s a common misconception that all good champagne comes with a hefty price tag, and that the cheap stuff doesn’t compare. Fear not, because this belief is simply not true. I’m sure you’ve heard of Barefoot, the popular (and inexpensive) wine brand that you can find just about anywhere. They also offer an amazing selection of champagne. There are seven varieties, ranging from dry to sweet, offering something for everyone’s taste.

My personal favorite Barefoot Bubbly is the Pink Moscato Champagne. It’s the perfect amount of sweet, and let’s be honest, it’s fun to drink champagne. It’s just an added bonus that the drink is pink. If you prefer sweet wines like I do, then you’ll love this. You’ll also love the $11.00 price tag! Happy Friday!


5 thoughts on “Bubbles On A Budget

  1. HourglassAndBloom

    Gotta love Barefoot! Did you know Yellowtail also just came out with a prosecco/champagne? Same price range. I haven’t tried it yet though……….Cupcake Prosecco is my current favorite 🙂

    Hourglass & Bloom

  2. prettytrippy

    You are so right about cheap champagne! It’s not like you can de-cant it to breathe like wine and get rid of the cheap bottle evidence 🙂

    Barefoot Bubbly sponsored an event I attended last year and was absolutely delicious! People neither noticed nor cared about the price to quality difference. YUM.



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