Kensie Polka Dot Shirt Blouse

For today’s post, I thought I’d share my take on one of my favorite trends for spring, black and white. I love polka dots, so when I saw this Kensie blouse I was instantly hooked. You can’t tell from the pictures, but the black polka dots actually have a velvety texture. I love when clothes have an added detail like that. It makes it feel like there was extra thought put into the design of the garment, which is nice!

MSSP Black Pants Dillard's

Kensie Polka Dot Top

MSSP Black Pants

Kensie Polka Dot Shirt

As much as I love black and white together, I felt like I was missing something when I put this outfit on. I think what I needed was a pop of color. Adding some red lipstick was the perfect solution. The main focus is still the black and white, but adding a small hint of red really put some life into my look!

Kensie Black White Polka Dot Top

Kensie Polka Dot Top

Top: Kensie | Pants: M.S.S.P. | Shoes: Nine West (similar) | Watch: Geneva (similar) | Bracelets: Unknown (similar)


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    1. Baubles to Bubbles Post author

      Thanks Chloe!! Kensie has been one of my favorites for years! I love that you don’t see their stuff everywhere like some brands. I took these pictures when the sun was setting, so the lighting hit my hair pretty well! I’m not always so lucky taking pictures with the sun.

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