H&M Cobalt Blue Dress

H&M Cobalt Blue Dress

If I had to pick one color I’ve worn the most this fall/winter, it would be cobalt. Months ago, when making the wardrobe transition from summer to fall, I noticed I was buying a lot of this catchy blue color. Although pretty vibrant, I’ve noticed that the bright color doesn’t wash out my pale skin in these sunless months. There are some colors I try to avoid in the winter because I feel so incredibly pasty and white, but luckily this isn’t one of them! Cobalt seems to work perfectly against my fair skin.

Cobalt 3

H&M cobalt blue dress

I’ve gotten a lot of use out of this H&M dress I got in the fall. It’s comfortable, forgiving for when I eat too much, and is super easy to accessorize with! I’ve been wearing tights with it since it’s pretty cold here, but when the temperature changes, I could easily ditch the tights and add some cute sandals!

Cobalt 5

Cobalt 6

Dress: H&M (very similar!) | Tights: Hue (similar) | Shoes: Alfani (similar) | Purse: Onna Ehrlich| Bracelet: Unknown (similar) | Ring: Unknown (similar)

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18 thoughts on “Cobalt

  1. lycly

    So pretty!! Blue is my favorite color but somehow I have almost nothing blue in my closet.. This dress is gorgeous – and so versitile!

  2. maitesimplicityandstyle

    Just found your blog!!
    Love your outfit.. royal blue is definitely my favorite color 🙂
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