Gingham Style

Thanks for the inspiration for today’s post title, Psy. Gingham has always been one of my favorite patterns. Its classic, checkered pattern is one that looks great on men and women alike. Before I had any gingham of my own, I was very tempted to borrow from my boyfriend’s collection of J.Crew checkered shirts. Although I fully believe that gingham is a unisex pattern, I highly doubt my boyfriend is going to want to borrow this one! This pattern is preppy and polished, making your look effortlessly sophisticated. My favorite part about gingham is that it can be stylish on its own, or just as easily jazzed up with some jewelry. I think it goes without saying that I usually choose the latter.

Forever 21 Mint Jeans, J.Crew Neon Pink Gingham Shirt

Forever 21 Mint Pants, J.Crew Pink Gingham Shirt

* I took these pretty early in the morning, which hopefully explains my heavy eyelids. Night owl problems, I guess.

J.Crew Neon Pink Gingham Shirt

J.Crew Neon Pink Gingham Shirt, Forever 21 Mint Pants, J.Crew Glitter belt, Flower Necklace

Forever 21 Mint Pants, BCBG nude heels

Forever 21 Mint Pants, J.Crew glitter belt

Forever 21 Mint Pants, J.Crew Pink Gingham Shirt

J.Crew Pink Gingham Shirt

J.Crew Pink Gingham Shirt, J.Crew Glitter Belt

J.Crew Pink Gingham Shirt, Forever 21 Mint Pants

Top: J.Crew | Pants: Forever 21 | Belt: J.Crew (obsessed with this one) | Bracelet: J.Crew | Necklace: Unknown (similar) | Shoes: BCBG (similar on sale!)

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43 thoughts on “Gingham Style

  1. lycly

    I’m always into pink and green together – it makes the preppy side of my heart so happy. 🙂 Happy Friday!!

  2. Iva

    I like the outfit. Pink suits you well – the hair color, the skin tone and with the right makeup is so pretty.

    1. Baubles to Bubbles Post author

      Haha wow that’s crazy! I thought I was being creative, but then saw another blogger today have the same title. Shows how much an annoying song can get stuck in your head and influence your blog titles 🙂

  3. carmen

    Sweeet!!! Lovely spring outfit for a country girl! The colours are fresh and cheerful, love the daisy and pearls necklace!!
    <3 carmen

  4. terry kim

    haha what a clever post title! you’re definitely ready for spring- i’m loving the pastel colors and cute necklace 🙂

    Love Me to Pieces

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