Bauble Wish List: Chains

This month’s bauble wish list is chain-centric. Usually reserved for the necks of rappers, chain link jewelry is actually quite classic and timeless. I say this because all of my chain link jewelry has come from my mom or grandma’s jewelry collections. I actually came across and “borrowed” one of my mom’s chain link bracelets when I was in high school, and wore it so much that it tarnished and lost its shiny gold color. I didn’t care though, because it went with everything and I loved saying that it was vintage. Only after my mom had an intervention with me and convinced me that this bracelet was no longer wearable did I decide to stop wearing it. Luckily I scored some other chain link gems that I love to wear from time to time.

I like that chain link jewelry ranges in size from small accents to statement worthy. They provide a lot of versatility that other jewelry doesn’t always offer.

Also, today I’m guest posting on giraffes + garlic + glamour about my favorite fall trend and how to wear it! Thanks again, Aryn, for asking me to contribute to your blog!

Bauble Wish List Chain Link Jewelry

Top: Balenciaga | Adia Kibur

Bottom: Baublebar | Baublebar

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14 thoughts on “Bauble Wish List: Chains

  1. FashionEdible

    Gold chain necklaces are so easy to work into an outfit! I’ve seen quite a few chain jewelry pieces while antique mall shopping or attending auctions. There are some super unique pieces out there!


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