Bauble Wish List: Brights

I can’t believe today is the first day of October! The days are flying by lately. As the temperature starts to drop, so does my urge to wear bright colors. I gravitate toward black and anything that isn’t bright. While my goal is to change that up this year, I figured jewelry would be a good backup in case I still stick to my dark clothes. That’s exactly why I’m loving all the bright-hued baubles I’ve been lusting after lately. You can easily add a piece of colorful jewelry to an all-black ensemble to add some life to an otherwise dull look. I almost wish I hadn’t laid eyes on these Tom Binns earrings, because they are way out of my price range! I just can’t resist the amazing color combination.

Bright Jewelry


Top: Kate Spade | DANNIJO

Bottom: Baublebar | Tom Binns


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16 thoughts on “Bauble Wish List: Brights

  1. Andrea

    Love the green necklace but not sure I could pull it off. The Kate Spade earrings are super cute. I love using colorful jewelry to dress up my black tops too!

  2. lycly

    Those earrings! They are just gorgeous! I tend to go super-neutral in the fall/winter, but these pieces might be just the thing to brighten my outfits up. 🙂

  3. FashionEdible

    Very cute necklace! Like you, I tend to shy away from brights during winter but I do love to add bold dashes of color in the form of bags or shoes. Makes things a bit more cheery in the dead of winter 🙂

  4. Stephanie

    So pretty! I have been admiring Dannijo jewlery for years but have yet to have one in my own jewelry colleciton. Hopefully one day, but in the mean time it’s fun to window shop. 🙂


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