Black & Blue

J.Crew jeweled short-sleeve sweatshirt hthr shadow ivory

Many people still see black and blue together as a major fashion no-no, but I think it’s a match made in heaven. I gravitate toward dark colors in the fall, so navy has become a welcome addition to my usual all-black outfits. Plus, navy is  very popular this season, so you have plenty of options to pair with your black clothes. I even wrote a Cincy Chic article on navy being the new black, so it’s safe to say I believe navy is having its moment.

Black and Blue outfit

J.Crew jeweled sweatshirt

I couldn’t resist this bejeweled J.Crew sweatshirt when I was shopping. A sweatshirt? With jewels? Why aren’t there more of these in my closet? While I love the look and feel of this top, I have to admit that I’m pretty disappointed. I wore this to my five year high school reunion (depressing) a few weekends ago. Throughout the night, one of the gems on my sleeve kept getting caught on the chest area of the sweatshirt. It happened so much that the jewel became extremely loose, and also made some unfortunate-looking snags in the sweatshirt. I think I’m going to remove some of the jewels under the sleeve to prevent even more damage. If anyone has any other advice, please share!

Anne Michelle Enzo Ankle Strap Heels

J.Crew hthr shadow ivory jeweled sweatshirt

Black and Navy Outfit

J.Crew jeweled sweatshirt

Top: J.Crew | Shorts: Gianni Bini (similar) | Shoes: Lulu’s (similar) | Bracelets: Tiffany, Mon Ami

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18 thoughts on “Black & Blue

  1. FashionEdible

    First of all, I LOVE navy and I’m so happy it’s having a moment. Hopefully it’ll be a long one. Second, what a shame about your beautiful sweatshirt. I’m not sure what it looks like in person and so this may be a dumb idea, but could you put clear super glue on the areas that are catching to make them smoother? I’m guessing if you can somehow eliminate the sharper areas, you might be ok. Anyhow, just a thought!

    1. Baubles to Bubbles Post author

      Thanks, Lauren! I know, I was in love with it at the store! If you do get it, I’d say maybe remove a few of the embellishments under the sleeve. I might do that because you can’t even see that they’re missing since your arm would be hiding it!


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