Leopard Print

DKNY Animal Print Dress

Over the weekend, I made one of the biggest steals I’ve ever had in my life. I was running errands with my mom, when we made a last minute decision to check out the Dillard’s clearance store as we were passing by. I’ll admit that I’m usually not a fan of these types of places. I get impatient very easily, so racks and racks of disorganized clothes does not sit well with me. I’m the kind of shopper where I do a quick browse of the store I’m in, and if nothing pops out at me, I leave. I’m not sure if this is a good or bad habit (my wallet would argue it’s good), but I’ve been trying to wrangle my impatience.

DKNY Leopard Print Dress

Black and White Leopard Dress

To kill some time while my mom was looking at shoes, I made my way through the sea of dresses. Unimpressed at first, I slowly started seeing dresses I had been coveting at the regular Dillard’s store. Pretty soon, I had about eight dresses slung over my arm, and I was sifting through dress racks like a madwoman. Dresses that I’ve been wanting for months at half the price? How am I just now discovering this? Luckily I didn’t let my impatience get the best of me, because I happened to find this DKNY gem hidden among some not so cute dresses. I can never resist anything with a ruffled hem. It fit like a glove, but I ended up getting a few other things, so I put the dress back.

After suffering a severe case of regret a few days later, I went back to the store determined to find the dress. I spent an hour scouring the racks where I had previously hit a gold mine a few days earlier. I even asked an employee, who looked at me with pity, as she knew it would be nearly impossible for me to find it. As I was about to call it quits, I went to another part of the store to look at some more dress racks, and shockingly found the dress after only a few minutes! It was fate, and I immediately bolted for the cash register. I’ve finally found the perfect fall dress. When shopping for fall/winter dresses, I look for anything with a sleeve that can be paired with tights or boots.

Black Ankle Strap Heels

DKNY Leopard Print Dress

Since I’m an indecisive person, I came up with a few different ways to style this. I’ve been into silver and black lately, so I put together two different looks utilizing jewelry in both colors. For today’s look, I dressed it up with my go-to ankle strap heels and chunky black beaded jewelry. I’ll share my silver accessories look next week!

DKNY Tunic Dress With Ruffle Hem

Animal Print Dress

Dress: DKNY (similar) | Shoes: Lulu’s (similar) | Jewelry: Unknown (similar) (similar)

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19 thoughts on “Leopard Print

  1. Ana

    I had to laugh at your description of how impatient you are. I too have little patience for disorganization but it’s amazing when you look past it you can usually find the gems.

  2. Stephanie

    Pretty dress! How wonderful that you were able to find it again! I have a hard time sifting through disorganized racks too, but am trying to work on it as there are definitely great deals hiding behind some of the messiness. Hope you had a nice weekend!

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