Spotted Sweater

Polka Dot Sweater and Leather Skirt


HAPPY HALLOWEEN! I have no plans for the holiday, which is an unfriendly reminder that celebrating fun holidays after college is not so fun.

I wore a similar take on today’s outfit way back in March. There’s just something I can’t resist about this fuzzy Madewell sweater with a leather bottom. I think adding the polka dots makes the leather a bit preppier, which you don’t usually think of when it comes to leather.  Obviously from the pictures in March, there was lots of snow on the ground, so I had no choice but to opt for the faux leather pants. The fact that this week has been full of 60 degree weather meant that a skirt had to be worn.

Pretty shortly, my bare legs aren’t going to see the light of day until March or April. I’m already preparing myself to look like a Cullen for the next few months. Although I’m sad that the weather forces me to cover up, I am excited for cute tights! Black opaque tights are always my go-to, but I’ve also been looking at some fun polka dot options. I think they’d look so good with a simple dress or skirt! Have you guys come across any fun tights? I’d love to hear!

Leather Skirt and Ankle Strap Heels

Madewell Polka Dot Sweater

Polka Dot Madewell Sweater

Leather Skirt and Polka Dot Sweater


Sweater: Madewell | Shirt: Ralph Lauren (similar) | Skirt: Urban Outfitters (identical) | Shoes: Lulu’s (similar) | Bracelet: J.Crew


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18 thoughts on “Spotted Sweater

  1. Jordan

    Polka dots… check. Leather… check. Great pair of heels… check.

    Wonderful ensemble!

    BTW… yes, a skirt “had to be worn” on such a lovely day. The pants will get there day… they will get their day soon enough.

  2. nessabirdie

    Absolutely LOVE your outfit! I have been trying to find a leather skirt for the longest time! Thanks for liking my post! 🙂


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