Black and White Bow Sweater

I know today’s title is a little cheesy, but I couldn’t think of anything clever and bow related. Here’s something you may not know about me: if something has a bow on it, I will buy it. From big bows to tiny bows, and everything in between, I’m slightly bow crazy. Over the summer, I found a stunning Alexandra Grecco dress and fell hard for it. I mean, it’s the biggest bow I’ve ever seen so I had to have it. I preordered it, so I had to wait a few months, but it was well worth it! Now I just need somewhere to wear it…

Today’s outfit is of the skinny bow variety, but I love the classic black and white combination. The black trim along the cuffs and neckline instantly stood out to me at the LOFT store. I didn’t want it to, since I was at the mall for the sole purpose of finding colorful clothes (explained here), but as I mentioned above, I was enchanted by the bow.

Leather Pants and White Sweater

Ann Taylor LOFT Tipped Bow Neck Sweater

Ann Taylor LOFT Bow Neck Sweater

Ann Taylor LOFT Tipped Bow Neck Sweater

Sweater: LOFT | Pants: H&M (similar) | Shoes: BCBGeneration (similar) | Bracelets: Mon Ami (similar) | Nails: OPI ‘Dutch Tulips’

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24 thoughts on “Bowtiful

  1. lycly

    I love a lady-like blouse with leather – it really adds such an interesting combination to a ‘tough’ material! 🙂

  2. Paper Doll Pretty

    I can relate on trying to find comfortable clothes. Neutrals usually end up in my closet or the one color I buy, I keep on buying it.

  3. Jordan

    Always the same dilemma for me, too. I keep telling myself… more color… yet I keep gravitating back to the classic feel of B&W together. Oh well.

    BTW… your blouse is adorable.

    1. Baubles to Bubbles Post author

      I know, it’s so hard! I specifically went to the mall for colors, but when I went into Loft they literally had nothing but black and white stuff. I had to make an exception when I spotted something with a bow!

  4. FashionEdible

    Haha….you made me laugh! I’m a bit like that with asymmetrically cut clothing. If it’s the right price, it’s probably getting added to my wardrobe. It’s hard to resist pieces that we love!

  5. lindaweez

    oh that was a spectacular bow (haha) yeah i really liked it! It maked the whole sweater classy! I may just buy one my own. Also i have to say i like the way you wright, its more persenal, somehow i mean lots of blogs just keep it unpersenol but you dont, and thats great!


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