Glittery Cincinnati Bengals Shirt

Cincinnati Bengals Shirt

Here’s the final product of my t-shirt DIY from yesterday’s post! I wanted to show off how it turned out because I don’t think yesterday’s tutorial did it justice. Now I can watch the games in style, instead of wearing an irrelevant jersey from years ago. Like I said, I usually avoid DIYs because I consider myself to be crafting challenged. Now that I’ve gotten my feet wet, I definitely want to try some more easy DIYs (baby steps). I’m thinking about attempting red glitter on a white shirt for baseball season (diehard Reds fan right here).

Sparkly Bengals Shirt

DIY Cincinnati Bengals Shirt

How great are these fingerless gloves? I got them for Christmas last year, and they might be the only reason I’m willing to tolerate the cold. These are much more functional than regular gloves (obviously), and I think the black and white pattern stands out nicely against this all-black outfit.

Leather Pants and Brown Booties

Cincinnati Bengals Glitter Shirt

Glittery Cincinnati Bengals Shirt

Glitter Bengals DIY Shirt

Bengals Glittery Shirt

Shirt: DIY (tutorial here) | Pants: H&M (similar) | Shoes: Alfani (similar) | Gloves: Michael Kors (similar on Etsy)

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32 thoughts on “Glittery Cincinnati Bengals Shirt

  1. meretn

    BB, my best girlfriend is a huge Bengals fan (her apartment is a few exits away from Polaris, which I’m sure you’re familiar with!) and she would love this top! Thanks for sharing.

    1. Baubles to Bubbles Post author

      I always pass the Polaris exit when I’m driving to Cleveland to see my boyfriend! Definitely some good shopping there! So exciting to hear she’s a Bengals fan! I always feel like there are so many Browns fans north of Cincinnati (which is basically the entire state), so that makes me happy. It sounds like she would love this festive top!


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