Bauble Wish List: Bow Bracelets

Today’s post might as well be titled “Kate Spade Bow Bracelet Wish List”, but I’m also counting it as my bauble wish list for the month of November. I don’t know about you, but I obsessively check  the websites of my favorite brands at the beginning of each month. It kind of feels like Christmas when a store updates its new arrivals page. Just thinking about it is making me creepily smile alone in my bedroom as I type this. I think I get the most excited about the monthly new additions at Kate Spade. Everything is always the perfect mix of feminine, cheeky, and fun!

When I was scrolling through the new Kate Spade baubles, I actually gasped when I saw this bow cuff. Yes, at $428 it is way out of my price range, but I was on cloud nine imagining it on my wrist. Much to my shock and disappointment, the cuff is now sold out! I still included it on the wish list, which is my attempt at hoping it comes back in stock at half the price (dreaming big).

Kate Spade Bow Bracelet

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