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Hey everyone! Today is a quick post, as I just wanted to let you know I made a new Facebook page for the blog! I had made one a year ago when I started this site, but long story short I must have messed up when I created it, because I never had a search bar at the top of my page. AKA I couldn’t “like” or comment on anyone’s Facebook pages. I spent an entire Friday night (yes, my social life is that exciting) trying to figure it out, but threw in the towel and made a new page. Anyway, please like my new page, and be sure to leave me the links for your Facebook pages so I can follow you on there!

You’d think someone who’s had a Facebook page since sophomore year of high school would be able to figure out the most basic of issues, but alas, I cannot. PS- if I’ve been a little slow on posting lately, it’s because we’re currently going through a major kitchen remodel. Remodel + Christmas month = pure chaos!


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