Girl Wearing Bow Tie

I’ve loved bow ties for as long as I can remember. In high school and college, I was secretly envious of all the guys who wore bow ties to dances. I obviously love a good cocktail dress, but there’s something so classic about a bow tie. My boyfriend has a few bow ties, and I would beg him to wear them in college for formals. Once he was on board, we encountered a pretty major roadblock: neither of us knew how to tie one. We spent thirty minutes watching YouTube tutorials until finally throwing in the towel and switching out the bow tie for a regular tie.

Womenswear Tuxedo With Bow Tie

Woman In Tuxedo

Woman Wearing Tuxedo

Flash forward a few years, and my obsession is still going strong. I thought the holidays would be the perfect time to try out the tuxedo look for myself. Also, I bought these sequin pants last year and have been counting down the days until it was socially acceptable to wear them again. You can’t judge sequin pants in December. Once I had the basics of my female tuxedo, I still needed the main attraction: the bow tie. I looked for women’s bow ties, but wasn’t willing to splurge on the Saint Laurent options. That’s when I headed to the men’s floor at Dillard’s and found a classic black Cremieux version. Unfortunately, some things never change, and I failed miserably at the YouTube tutorials for tying a bow tie. Luckily, my mom saved the day and found a two minute video and then proceeded to tie the perfect bow.

I’m 99% sure I’ll be wearing this for Christmas Eve or Christmas this year. After the holidays, I think I’ll pair this blouse and bow tie combo with my black leather skirt! After wearing it once, I’m convinced I could wear one every single day with a button down and blazer.

Women's Tuxedo Bow Tie

Womens Tuxedo Bow Tie Sequin Pants

Girl Wearing Bow Tie

Woman Tuxedo With Bow Tie

Blouse: Ralph Lauren (similar) | Blazer: Urban Outfitters (similar) | Pants: The Limited (similar on MAJOR sale!) | Shoes: Vince Camuto | Bow Tie: Cremieux via Dillard’s (similar) | Nails: Essie ‘Bordeaux’

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42 thoughts on “Tuxedo

  1. lycly

    You look fabulous!!! This look is so fashion forward and you pull it off like no one else! I looove how you made it feminine with the mary janes and the sequin pants. Perfection!!

  2. "They'll Never Know..."

    LOVE this look Olivia! Totally making menswear look glam, and I am still SO obsessed with those sequin pants! Also, I literally had to call Bob over to the computer just now to show him proof that we are NOT the only couple who have turned to YouTube for bow tie help and failed miserably! lol It’s so much harder than it looks!

    1. Baubles to Bubbles Post author

      Thank you Rochelle!! Hahaha that’s hysterical. You have no idea how relieved I am to hear I’m not the only one to YouTube bow tie tutorials. It’s impossible! I was seriously depressed in college when we had to give up. They’re so cute, but such a pain to tie!

  3. Jen

    Girl you look amazing! You can pull off killer looks that few others can! I love how this is a fresh and unique take on a classic look! Simply amazing Olivia!

    xx jen

  4. Juan Perez

    Olivia,I like how you wear your tuxedo and you look very beautiful wearing it.I am going to buy the same tuxedo you are wearing for my girlfriend for a black tie party and we want to dress alike.

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