Valentine’s Day Outfit Inspiration

I’m not going to lie, outfit pictures have been/probably will be few and far between for awhile. For those of you who aren’t experiencing the polar vortex, it can be summed up in one word: painful. Even a few seconds outside feels like whiplash. I wish I could say that I’ve been wearing cute outfits despite the weather. That, however, is just not the case. My morning  routine looks something like this: slip on J.Crew pixie pants, struggle to find a sweater I haven’t been wearing on repeat, do absolutely nothing to my hair, and put on a swipe of red lip stain (to look put together). Not exactly picture worthy!

Even though Valentine’s Day is a few weeks away (and will likely be freezing), I’m using it as an excuse to want all things pink and red. While in the past I would have opted for pink or red, I’m really loving how they look worn together. The real struggle is figuring out how to wear it in the winter. My fingers are crossed that I’ll pull together the perfect pink and red look, but if the weather doesn’t permit, accessories are a must!

Valentine's Day Outfit Ideas

Baublebar Studs | Kate Spade Red Pumps

Kate Spade Bow Blouse | Alice + Olivia Lips Dress | I.Madeline Dress 

Tory Burch Clutch

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24 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day Outfit Inspiration

  1. The Fashion Huntress

    Same here- it’s unbearable out there! I’m losing enthusiasm for dressing, which is frankly, just not right!! I love your Valentine’s Day inspiration though! Maybe I should just start thinking of that instead! :)!!

  2. Jen

    Love your picks Olivia! I would love that TB clutch or that hot pink dress for Valentines! Thankfully we’re not experiencing the polar vortex, although we hear about it a lot on the news. I can only image how frigid it is, stay warm and hold off on the outfit posts until it warms up!

    xo jen
    Pearls & Lace

  3. Cortneybre

    I hoped I wasn’t the only one struggling with the weather. .it’s truly unbearable and frankly depressing. 🙁 I tried and tried to make some pics I took outside yesterday work but with the snow falling, wind blowing and me grimacing they just wouldn’t. I hope it warms up for everyone soon! Love this post..Can’t wait to see your warmer weather posts too! Cortneybre


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