Savvy Scarf

Anthropologie Scarf

Anthropologie Tacoma Scarf

The Anthropologie Tacoma scarf has been my lifesaver this winter. It’s an extremely generous size, and the wool material makes it extra warm. True story: I wear it to work at least once a week! It’s also been doubling as a little shawl while I sit at my desk trying to thaw out. Supposedly the weather is supposed to get up to the 40s this weekend, which genuinely sounds like a blessing. I’m hoping this will motivate me to start wearing cute outfits again (aka skirts and dresses with tights).

In the meantime, I will be bundled up in this colorful accessory. I think the scarf designer covered every color of the rainbow, which is exactly why I fell in love with it! The pattern is woven into the scarf and not printed, so I’m constantly finding fun new colors in it. This is perfect for mixing and matching. Like I said earlier this week, I’ve gotten my winter uniform down to a boring science, so this scarf is my go-to when I want to add a little life to my look.

Wool Anthropologie Scarf

Colorful Anthropologie Scarf

Shirt: Downeast Basics | Jeans: Gap | Shoes: Report | Scarf: Anthropologie | Bracelets: Mon Ami

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