The Cami Comeback

I’ve been seeing a huge resurgence in cami’s lately. I’m not going to lie, I haven’t worn a cami since early on in high school. We’re talking Abercrombie tops complete with the little moose in the bottom corner. Before that, it was all about the Limited Too glitter cami. I know I had lime green and baby blue ones, but I have a pretty strong hunch there were a lot more in my collection.

I’ve steered clear of them ever since, but am quickly falling back in love with the modern day cami. They’re still a blank canvas when it comes to styling, but I like the flowing cut of everything I’ve come across lately. I can already picture myself pairing mine with a blazer, jeans and minimal jewelry. There’s something so sleek and timeless about them, and I’m already having a hard time deciding which one I want!

Loose Fitting Camis

Top: ASOS | J.Crew

Bottom: Cami NYC | Cami NYC

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22 thoughts on “The Cami Comeback

  1. Jas Cheri

    I can definitely agree with you on them being timeless and sleek. They look a lot more classy and definitely are more versatile. You can easily dress them up or dress them down.
    Need some of these added to my wardrobe.

    Jas Cheri

  2. The Thread Affect

    I can still remember wearing camis in middle school and since then I can’t do it unless they are under something else! But these new, modern looser, flirty fitting ones are gorgeous! That bottom black one is AMAZING!

  3. giulianarucchetto

    I totally agree that they are timeless and sleek. Im finding that they are making a comeback along side the boyfriend jean which is awesome. Extremely comfortable but still so stylish. Also another thing, cami’s are very flimsy which don’t allow people to wear bras sometimes so the solution becomes the lace bralette, which has now become my absolute favourite thing. They are comfortable and add an element of interest to the outfit and don’t look bulky underneath the cami! Awesome post 🙂

    1. Baubles to Bubbles Post author

      They would look great with boyfriend jeans! Bralettes are so cute, but I have yet to get one! I have a bigger chest, so I’m worried it wouldn’t be good, but I might have to get one and test it out!

      1. giulianarucchetto

        I also have a bigger chest and in all honesty I was skeptical to try them out as well! But I Found that the lace ones from Aritzia are just wonderful. Perfect amount of support and coverage plus they’re only $25! Definitely try them out 🙂

  4. FashionEdible

    I agree with a few other comments – the more modern, loose fit ones are much better than our older, fitted ones of the past. Also, I love how today’s camis are made of dressier satin-like materials instead of cotton undershirt material. I think that’s what makes them look great with a blazer!


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