Bauble Wish List: Tom Binns

Each month, I do a post on the baubles I’m currently obsessing over. I’ve always based my post on a certain theme, such as statement necklaces or eye-catching cuffs. While I still plan on doing this, I thought I’d add something a little different to the mix, too: spotlighting a different jewelry designer each month. Since starting my blog, I’ve discovered so many amazing designers I would have never known about. I’m always on the hunt for exciting new pieces of jewelry and learning about the designers who create them, so if there’s anyone you think I should spotlight, feel free to shoot me an email!

This month, I thought I’d start with a designer I found through blogging: Tom Binns. Binns is known for creating stunning jewelry out of unordinary objects. The ultimate example of this is his “Safety Binns” collection, inspired by, you guessed it, safety pins! When I came across Binns’ jewelry, I sat on my computer for about an hour admiring all his collections. The collection that really drew me in was “A Riot of Colour“. Seriously, go check it out now! You will be in awe of how perfectly all the colors flow together! Yes, the prices may seem high, but I view this jewelry as an investment. These pieces are timeless and are guaranteed to make a statement whenever you wear them.

Tom Binns Jewelry

Top: Necklace | Earrings

Bottom: Earrings | Necklace

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