Bauble Wish List: Random Assortment

This month’s bauble wish list doesn’t exactly have a theme. It’s more of a general roundup of amazing jewelry I wish I owned. I’m loving all the new spring baubles I’ve been seeing lately. As of right now, I’m not really fawning over any particular jewelry trend. I’m all about stocking up on timeless, well-made pieces. When it comes to jewelry, I don’t discriminate!

These pink and gold Tory Burch earrings are a gorgeous, feminine statement piece. How cute would they look with a white dress this summer? I’m also loving this Aerin Erickson Beamon colorful bracelet. It’s a classic piece, and the shades of blue and green are the perfect match! Although I’m far from “punk”, I instantly fell in love with this gold spiked cuff from Saks. The spikes are understated, but add some nice texture. The last bauble, these J.Crew earrings, are at the top of my wish list right now! I’ve been on the hunt for navy teardrop earrings, and the pale pink flowers were the cherry on top.

Spring 2014 Jewelry Trends

Top: Tory Burch | Aerin Erickson Beamon

Bottom: A Peace Treaty | J.Crew


5 thoughts on “Bauble Wish List: Random Assortment

  1. FashionEdible

    The teardrop earrings are my favorite as well. So delicate, yet they make a great statement. I just picked up several jewelry pieces from Target – their new collection is amazing!


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