Drop Waist Dress

Piperlime Red Blue Print Dress

Drop Waist Red and Blue Piperlime Dress

I sound like a broken record, but this Piperlime dress is another Christmas present I’m just now getting to wear (thank you never-ending winter). Not that I’m complaining. I’ve been pretty partial to drop waist dresses for awhile now, so any dresses that fit this criteria are gladly welcome in my closet.   I was having some major issues with the wind trying to take these pictures. When I was scrolling through all the pictures on my memory card, I cringed at least four different times at my unfortunate facial expressions from the wind. Luckily, the wind worked with me for a few good shots and blew my dress instead of my hair.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find this Pim + Larkin dress anywhere online to link to it, but I did find this Moschino one I am IN LOVE WITH. If you aren’t familiar with the Pim + Larkin line at Piperlime, I suggest you get acquainted! I have a few of their pieces, and they are some of my favorites.

Red Blue Printed Pim Larkin Dress

Red and Blue Drop Waist Piperlime Dress

Pim Larkin Piperlime Dress

Pim and Larkin Summer Dress Piperlime

Dress: Pim + Larkin (similar) | Shoes: Lulu’s (similar)


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