Crocheted & Distressed

Urban Outfitters Lace Crochet Top

Cream Colored Crochet and Lace Top

I got this crochet top from Urban Outfitters a little over a year ago. It’s one of my favorite tops, just because it’s so different than anything I own. The cut of this top and the material were a home run for me. I am obsessed with bell sleeves because of how feminine they are. I’ve only worn this a few times until now, just because I never liked it with any of my pants. I know I’ve mentioned this before, but up until I got these Gap jeans, the only distressed denim I owned was from Abercrombie from high school. I’ve been really into the light wash look, and feel like I’ve finally found a pant that I like with this top (it’s the little things that make me happy).

This is a little off topic, but I’ve noticed that I haven’t been wearing as much jewelry lately. It might not sound like a big deal, but it is for me. I mean, my blog is named after jewelry! I think it’s just the time of year, though. Now that it’s warmer, I’m enjoying the “less is more” mentality when it comes to getting dressed. Knowing me, this little phase will pass once I go shopping and fall in love with a new piece of jewelry ;).

Gap Distressed Jeans with Urban Outfitters Crochet Knit Top

Brown Ankle Strap Heels with Gap Jeans

Urban Outfitters Crochet and Lace Top

How To Wear a Crocheted Knit Top

Bamboo Lulu's Brown Ankle Strap Sandals

Top: Urban Outfitters (love this similar one) | Jeans: Gap | Shoes: Lulu’s (similar)


8 thoughts on “Crocheted & Distressed

  1. FashionEdible

    Yes, that white top is amazing! I totally understand not wanting to wear too much jewelry during summer. So far, the weather is perfect but once hot weather hits, I feel so claustrophobic if I have too many bracelets that are sticking to me. Weird, I know haha.


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