Gap White Shirtdress with Bow

I’ve been loving white anything lately, so when I found this shirtdress at Gap recently, I was so excited. I feel like I always run into the same dilemma getting dressed every morning: I want to look cute while also being comfortable. Not going to lie, there are many days where I choose comfort over cuteness. It’s lazy dressing at it’s finest, but that’s where a colored lip stain comes in handy. When I tried on this shirtdress, it was so comfortable! I was actually relieved because I’m always looking for new things to wear to work. One of the biggest criteria for me when it comes to buying work-appropriate clothes is deciding if I can wear it outside the office. Sure, there are a few things that are impossible to make cute beyond work, but I like to buy things I can wear at any time.

Speaking of things I can wear all the time, these Ralph Lauren espadrille wedges are my new favorite thing. I tried them on over the weekend, and there was definitely some magic that went on when I slipped them on.! The colorful part of the wedge is cloth-like, so it feels like my toes have a nice little blanket when I’m wearing them. That might sound weird, but for someone who is eternally cold, it’s a great selling point. Apologies in advance if these are worn way too frequently on here!

PS- I was recently featured as a ShopStyle Editor! See what color combination I’m loving for spring.

PPS- I’m having my first giveaway tomorrow! Check tomorrow’s post to see what it is ūüėČ

White Gap Shirtdress Gap White Shirtdress with Bow Ralph Lauren Espadrilles Ralph Lauren Multi Color Espadrille Wedges White Gap Shirtdress JCrew Pave Links Bracelet

Dress: Gap | Shoes: Ralph Lauren | Bracelet: J.Crew | Ring: Unknown (similar)


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  1. FashionEdible

    Congrats on the feature! I LOVE this outfit – those shoes are so bright and vibrant and the dress is so chic! I love the flare in the skirt portion. I think we all choose comfort over cuteness at one point or another haha.


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