Bauble Wish List: Cocktail Rings

Oh, summer. It’s officially hitting the 90s here in Cincinnati now, and I’m not complaining (although it’s been extra difficult putting together appropriate work outfits lately). I could easily live with summer weather year round, but I do have to make some adjustments when it comes to my jewelry. When I say adjustments, I really just mean wearing less jewelry, because let’s face it: it’s pretty damn hot. You don’t need layers of jewelry weighing you down this time of year. I’m kind of a jewelry freak, so obviously I still want the option to accessorize without wearing anything too heavy. The perfect solution? COCKTAIL RINGS!

I’ll admit, I only own a few cocktail rings. When I was doing my “research” for this post (by research, I mean creating a shopping list of rings I need to purchase immediately), I kind of realized how amazing cocktail rings are. I feel like I’ve never appreciated them, but they really add so much to an outfit. Plus, they’ve gotten pretty fancy and you can find just about every sort of shape, color, and design. Things started getting a little wild, and before I knew it I had added a ton of rings to my list for this post. In a serious moment of self-control, I narrowed the list down to six pieces I’m convincing myself I need to have! Statement-making and lightweight? It’s the perfect summer style solution!

Colorful Statement Cocktail Rings

Top: Shourouk | Roberto | Mawi

Bottom: Janis by Janis Savitt | Kenneth Jay Lane | Kate Spade


12 thoughts on “Bauble Wish List: Cocktail Rings

  1. FashionEdible

    I’m not usually a big ring kind of gal, mainly because my fingers are so short. But I love that Roberto ring – so pretty! My aunt bought me a statement ring from her last trip to Greece and I love its design. I don’t wear it too often but it is fun to bring out on occasion! And I completely agree – jewelry is so hard to wear when it’s hot and humid.

    1. Baubles to Bubbles Post author

      I don’t own a ton of rings, but I feel like cocktail rings have really stepped up their game. I used to see so many that I didn’t think were cute or flattering, but I have a few that I want to try now. I don’t have cute hands, so I always am extra picky!

  2. Morgan Etoile

    Great post! I’ll be doing one on cocktail rings next week! I’ll ping yours if you do a shout out for mine. 🙂

    Morgan Etoile

  3. Sassy N Styled

    Love these rings! They are definitely statement pieces and the colors are sure to make an outfit pop


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