Pinstripes and Peace Signs

Striped Matching Separates with French Connection Sandals

Matching Separates Crop top and Skirt

So I went a little overboard with the amount of pictures in today’s post. I have a few good reasons to justify it, though. 1. I was on vacation and had to take advantage of the amazing backdrop, and 2. I am OBSESSED with this outfit!

Before I went on my trip to Florida, I was in New York. I stumbled upon the cutest boutique named Olive and Bette’s. The cute pink sign drew me into the store, but the second I was greeted with a glass of Prosecco I knew I had just found heaven on Earth. Their selection of clothing was incredible. There were colors and prints everywhere, which was perfect eye candy. I think I tried on about ten different pieces, but I was most excited about these JOA matching separates. I’ve admired the JOA brand online for quite some time now, and was thrilled when I saw it at Olive and Bette’s. I’ve had matching separates at the top of my fashion wish list for like, two years now. It was time to finally cross it off the wish list and put it in my closet. Plus, this crop top is scalloped and barely shows any skin. My kinda crop top!

I’m so happy I found this amazing store while I was in New York. It kind of feels like fate, because up until I went there, I wasn’t having the best shopping luck. I thought I was going to be struggling with saying “no” when I went into each store, but it was the complete opposite. Everything was either too big, too small, or just plain weird. Olive and Bette’s was a breath of fresh air, and I’m already excited to go back for some bubbles and shopping!

JOA Scalloped Blue Stripe Crop Top

JOA Clothing Blue Striped Crop Top

Matching Separates Summer Outfit with French Connection Sandals

JOA Scalloped Blue Stripe Crop Top and Skirt

JOA Los Angeles Matching Separates Crop Top and Skirt

JOA Los Angeles Clothing Crop Top and Skirt

JOA Clothing Matching Separates Blue Outfit

JOA Blue Pinstripe Scalloped Crop Top and Matching Skirt

Blue Striped Crop Top with Silver Peace Sign Necklace

Top: JOA | Skirt: JOA | Shoes: French Connection | Cuff: Tiffany | Necklace: Unknown (similar)


12 thoughts on “Pinstripes and Peace Signs

  1. FashionEdible

    Yes to taking a lot of pictures! I love this matching set – and I totally agree with you. The crop top is the best kind of crop top. It’s got a great print, design and shows a hint of skin. Such a pretty set!


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