Coveting Coats

Sorry for the lack of posts this week! I’ve been having crippling headaches, and honestly my energy level has been pretty low because of it. A few nights ago when my headache started, I made a pound of pasta to get me through the week. Going into it, I knew a week was a stretch, because lets’ face it, I’m Italian and I live for pasta. I don’t eat meat, so pasta is my meat. I had three bowls the first night and two the second night. It hasn’t cured my headache, but comfort food does help.

It’s not even that cold yet, but I’m already not faring well with the season change. As much as I don’t like the temperatures dropping, I do like the warm fashion that comes along with it! I bought the chicest coat at my Trend event last weekend, and it’s made me get into a coat craze. I’ve become hyper-aware of any and every coat on the market right now (my real estate lingo is seeping into my personal life), and I want all of them. I’ve always relied on black and neutrals during the winter, but a coat is the perfect way to add an easy pop of color. I think I’ve finally found the solution to my no-color rut in the cold months. Below are some of my favorite coats on my radar. Let me know if there’s any cute coats on your radar I need to know about!

Colorful Winter Coats

Top: RACHEL Rachel Roy | Ted Baker

Bottom: Ted Baker | Escada


6 thoughts on “Coveting Coats

  1. FashionEdible

    Headaches are not fun and migraines are the worst! Drinking water and taking Advil always seems to help and LOTS of sleep. I hope you feel better soon girl!
    p.s. Asos has a really fun Warehouse cape coat that I have my eye on.


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