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Happy Monday!

There is no outfit post today. I actually have an entire set of pictures that I had planned for today, but I made the executive decision to not post them. Don’t you hate when such a cute outfit is wasted on bad pictures? See, I had completely gotten ready (freshly washed hair included), and felt like I was looking pretty good when they were taken. But once I was outside in the elements, it went downhill from there. The cold and wind tend to turn my hair into hay, and once that happens, you can pretty much call it a day for me! I malfunction when my hair isn’t working with me (I hope I’m not the only one). When I sat down on my “productive” Sunday to look at these pictures, I did a whole lot of cringing, and then eventually just said “no, not today”.

It’s kind of ironic. As I was trying to calm down from my winter/bad picture blues, I decided to distract myself by browsing the Piperlime website. It’s kind of my thing I do to destress. As I was browsing, I noticed myself getting googly-eyed at all the bold-colored offerings. Not only was it all colorful, but it ended up being all Milly. Oh, how I love anything and everything Milly. The prints. The colors. The silhouettes. Everything from her spring collection is just perfect. This is just what I needed to keep me going, and pushing forward to spring!

Milly Spring Summer Collection

MILLY Pop Art Dress | MILLY Floral Circle Skirt | MILLY Tweed Shift Dress


16 thoughts on “Milly + Floral Inspiration

  1. FashionEdible

    Piperlime is awesome. And so sorry to hear about your photos – my hair is the most difficult aspect of fashion photos too. Thankfully, it’s curly so I tend to be able to get away with it being a bit more frizzy but not always! So I totally understand your dilemma!

  2. Bethann of Bethanimalprint

    Oh no! I HATE when you take time to get ready and NONE of the pictures turn out. I wonder how often that happens to other people. For me at least once every 4-5 months there are photos that are totally whack!

    I LOVE Piperlime though and your picks. Too dangerous for me to check out right now!

  3. whitney

    I’m with you, I love just about everything from Milly. They always get their prints and the fit of their clothes just right. Are you going to get any of these?


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