Blue Wool Dress

Winter Wool Dress

This week flew by, and I’m pretty happy about it. Now that I’m getting settled into 2015, I’m realizing that I have a very busy year ahead of me. I’m excited for everything, just stressed trying to plan it all out. I keep telling myself it will work out (as I’m writing this post at 11:40 p.m :)), but I’m prepared for some stressful moments sprinkled in there. That’s what champagne splits are for, right?

Ann Taylor Wool Blue Dress

How warm does it look in these pictures? It actually was warm when I took these earlier in the week! Now that we’re back to winter, it feels like a dream, but it was an amazing couple of days of 50 degree weather. What better way to celebrate than take off the layers and bare some arms! Note: I was trying to think of a clever title with the phrase “right to bare arms” in it, but figured amendment quotes probably aren’t as funny as I think they are. When you’re approaching midnight, political jokes help pass the time.

Baublebar Statement Necklace

I got this Ann Taylor wool drop waist dress for Christmas, but with my winter fashion laziness, I’m just now getting around to wearing it (it’s on sale now!). I’m really bad about buying daytime dresses and winter dresses in general. Fancy dresses are my weakness, so when I need one for the daytime, I’m usually out of luck, especially this time of year. This wool option is perfect for work functions or really any event for that matter. I wore it to my friends bridal shower last weekend, and it was perfect for the occasion. Another plus is that it looks cute with tights, so you don’t have to sacrifice warmth to look cute.

Ann Taylor Boiled Wool Drop  Waist Dress

As you can see, I’m wearing my Vince Camuto Callea’s, aka my go-to shoes. I wear them in almost every post because I love them, and really think they go with almost everything I own. I’m a simple girl when it comes to shoes, and tend to wear things into the ground. I’ve tried to take care of these because they’ve really become a staple in my closet, and I don’t know what I’d do if I had to part with them. Luckily, they’re so well-made that it’s made for pretty easy maintenance.

You may or may not know that Vince Camuto passed away Wednesday at the age of 78. When I heard the news Wednesday night, I was shocked and sad. He was a pioneer in the shoe industry. If you don’t know much about his background, here’s a good summary of his successful career. He was actually one of the founders of Nine West in the 70s! The man knew shoes, and I will continue to be a happy customer and huge supporter of the Vince Camuto brand. Rest in peace, Vince.

Blue Wool Dress

Ann Taylor Drop Waist Dress

Ann Taylor Wool Dress | Kate Spade Polka Dot Tights | Vince Camuto Heels | BaubleBar Statement Necklace (similar)


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  1. FashionEdible

    So glad you had some nice weather! We enjoyed a warm day as well, though it didn’t reach 50. I was still happy, though 🙂 I think finding nice winter dresses is pretty hard. Usually they are just a tad too thin for this time of year. I think the best part about your dress is that you can easily layer it with a button down shirt for some extra warmth and it will look adorable. And I definitely think Vince Camuto is a great brand – I have one of the brand’s bags and love it! Your shoes always look so cute!


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