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Black and White Winter Outfit

How weird is it that we’re at the end of January? I actually am in shock. But at least we’re inching closer to longer days and warmer weather! I had a pretty low-key weekend, which was great. Last week was one of those weeks where I actually felt like an adult. Sure, people say you become an adult when you turn 21, but there are still times where I feel like a kid. Punching in a stressful (but succesfful) week at work will quickly make you realize that you are in fact a full-fledged member of the “real world”.

Black and White Tweed Mini Skirt

The forecast for today is calling for snow (if I remember correctly), but if you live in Cincinnati, you know how that goes. If you don’t live in Cincinnati, here is a summary: weathermen predict a few inches of snow, people flock to Kroger for end of the world supplies, schools get delayed or cancelled, and then it hardly snows or doesn’t snow at all. We’re kind of babies when it comes to snow here. When I visit my boyfriend in Cleveland during the winter (which I try to avoid at all costs), there is usually snow on the ground, and lots of it. They brave through it with no complaints, and almost as if it’s not even there. Props to you, people of Cleveland, and everyone in “lake effect” cities for that matter.

Black and White Collared Top Womens Ray-Ban Wayfarers

Black and White Collared Top

Today’s post is really bittersweet. I’ve been so excited to wear this Piperlime Collection skirt on here, and it couldn’t have come at a more coincidental time. If you didn’t hear the news over the weekend, Gap is shutting down the Piperlime brand. Not to be dramatic, but it was an emotional moment for me. I’ve been a devoted Piperlime shopper for years, and cannot believe I’m losing my beloved website. No joke, when I’m bored at work or just need a little distraction, I spend time browsing Piperlime. Their collection of designers and fashion was just the best. Those days when they added a ton of new arrivals were my absolute favorite. What I love about Piperlime is that shopping on the site felt like you were exploring a one-of-a-kind boutique, but on the Internet. Not a lot of websites do that for me. Some of my all-time favorite pieces in my closet are from Piperlime: this bow dress, this fuzzy vest, this colorful summer dress. It’s a sad moment, but I’ll always cherish my prized Piperlime possessions.

Black Shirt with White Collar

Kate Spade Bow Pearl Earrings

Contrast Collar Shirt with Mini Skirt

Tweed Mini Skirt with Collared Shirt

ASOS Collared Top (similar) | J.Crew Black Shirt | Piperlime Skirt | Report Signature Booties | Ray-Ban Wayfarers | Kate Spade All Wrapped Up Bow Earrings | Hue Opaque Tights | Rebecca Minkoff M.A.B. Tote


18 thoughts on “Black & White

  1. FashionEdible

    Aw that’s terrible to hear! I had no idea. Piperlime always has a great selection and they have such great prices and sales. They will definitely be missed. I’ve also heard of lake-effect cities and can’t believe how much snow they get! Great outfit, Olivia – that skirt is perfect!

    1. Baubles to Bubbles Post author

      It really is sad! I’ve always loved how the site was laid out. Yes, I’ve been to Cleveland and Chicago in the winter, and it is so much colder even though it’s only a few hours away.


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