Bubbles: St. Patrick’s Day Cocktails

It’s currently 8:30 in the morning, and I’m horizontal in my bed watching Ladies of London while I put together this post. It’s raining outside, but I don’t think that’s going to stop me from celebrating St. Patrick’s Day later tonight. Hey, at least it’s not snow, right? I’ve always loved this holiday, not solely because of the green beer, but mostly because it signals warmer weather is coming. I feel like St. Patrick’s Day is a friendly reminder that spring and Easter are right around the corner!

I’m not exactly sure what my plans are yet, but I have a few ideas in mind for what I’m going to wear. I always say I need to add more green to my closet, but by the time St. Patrick’s Day rolls around each year, I haven’t bought anything green. Luckily, I have a pair of mint green pants that are my go-to in last minute situations.

For this St. Patrick’s Day drink post, I included an adult shamrock shake recipe, a green bloody Mary and of course, a green smoothie to help you recover the next day. Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Spiked Shamrock Shake

Alcoholic Shamrock Shake Recipe

Green Bloody Mary

St. Patrick's Day Drink Recipes

Green Smoothies (for the day after)

St. Patrick's Day Smoothie


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