Springtime Bar Cart Accessories

It’s officially the first day of spring! When you go through a long and cold winter, it’s hard to imagine that spring is ever going to arrive, but alas, here we are. One of my favorite things about spring is all the amazing colors that come with it. Everything seems to come to life, and I personally feel a lot more cheerful. Now that I have a bar cart to house all my bar accessories, I obviously have to get seasonal inspiration as I decorate it.

Since my bar cart is white and silver, I think it would look amazing with some bright pops of color on it. I actually went a little wild during some recent trips to Hobby Lobby, and bought a ton of cute straws with my bar cart in mind. That was the moment that kind of sparked my interest in anything and everything colorful. Let me tell you, there are a ton of great things out there to add to your barware collection. I was actually amazed when I was searching for items for this post at how creative bar accessories have gotten.

Happy Friday, and more importantly, HAPPY FIRST DAY OF SPRING!

Spring Bar Cart Accessories

Society Social Coaster Holder | Anthropologie Cocktail Napkin | Sugarfina Champagne Gummy Bears

Pier 1 Acrylic Tumblers | Anthropologie Bottle Openers | Ban.do Tipsy Drink Sleeve


2 thoughts on “Springtime Bar Cart Accessories

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  2. FashionEdible

    Hobby Lobby is AMAZING. That place makes my head spin but it has everything you could ever hope for haha. So funny because I bought a ton of straws there the other day too!


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