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Happy Friday! What a week. I feel like I’m going to need an extra strong drink now that it’s over. Luckily one of my good friends is getting married Saturday, so I’ll have even more reason to celebrate! I’m really excited about what I’m wearing, so I’m hoping I’ll be able to sneak some pictures in at some point. Because it’s been so rainy this week I didn’t get to take any outfit pictures. I thought I’d post one of my “Week in Review” posts (which I usually post on Saturday) instead. Have a good weekend!

1. If you don’t know, Piperlime will be shutting down at the end of the month. We won’t talk about how depressed I am, or how I might have teared up on multiple occasions upon hearing the news. The only silver lining of this sad situation? There have been some pretty incredible sales going on. They come and go, but I’d recommend checking the site everyday to see what pops up. They’ve still been adding new pieces to shop as well, so you can easily stock up on some spring and summer essentials!

Piperlime Clothes

Harlyn Striped Top  | Rachel Zoe Dress | Sam Edelman Bejeweled Heels

2. I think this was the first week where it actually felt like spring, and that makes me happy. Sure, it was raining the entire week, but at least it was warm! Now that we’re starting to get some warm weather, that means warm weather cocktails! Adding fresh fruit to your drinks is the ultimate sign of nice weather, which is why this blackberry lime margarita recipe would be perfect for the weekend.

Blackberry Lime Margarita Recipe

3. I came across a necklace this week while doing my usual jewelry stalking, and I can’t get it out of my mind. This Deepa Gurnani Crystalburst necklace puts the statement in statement necklace, and I desperately want it in my jewelry collection. I think the eye-catching blue is what sucked me in, or maybe it was all sparkly gems surrounding the blue. Either way, it’s love.

Deepa Gurnani Necklace

5. If you live in the Midwest, you’ve probably been experiencing some crazy storms this week. Yesterday, I got caught driving home in a brutal hail storm. Luckily my mom was driving (because I refuse to drive in storms), but I was screaming the entire drive. It hailed a good ten minutes, and when I say hail, I mean hail. Just look at the picture I took below (which made it on the news I might add ;)).

Golf Ball Sized Hail


3 thoughts on “Week in Review

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  2. FashionEdible

    First, oh my gosh, that hail is huge! I’m glad you and your mom are ok! Second, I keep hoping that the news about Piperlime shutting down is a mean joke, especially after seeing all the new arrivals. I still don’t understand why they’re closing down…

  3. Bethann of Bethanimalprint

    I’m sad about Piperlime too! I love that place — suppppperrrr cute Sam Edelman shoes though! I hope you get them! xoxo, BA


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