Spring Colorblocking

Yellow and White Peplum Top with Tailored Shorts

You know spring is here when you start seeing flowers everywhere you go. It just smells so fresh outside, and the colors put me in the best mood. I’ve actually been taking way too many pictures of flowers whenever I see them because I’m so happy that spring is here. Maybe I’m building up a collection of pictures to look at when it’s cold and there are no flowers in sight. Whatever it is, they make me happy and are very easy on the eyes.

Gap Yellow Peplum Top

Gap Tailored Shorts Gap Peplum Top

Do you ever notice yourself buying a lot of one color?

In the past, my color of weakness was black, but I feel like I’ve trained myself pretty well to say no when I find myself eyeing black clothing. My latest color of choice has been yellow, and lots of it. I really think it started last year around this time, after we had finally overcome the brutal winter. I knew I had to add this Gap yellow peplum top to the collection the second I saw it. The material has a nice structure to it, so the peplum really stands out.

Spring Colorblocking

Since spring is all about cheerful colors, I love colorblocking my outfits when appropriate. Since you can’t get more bright than pink and yellow, I decided to add pops of pink throughout my look. Obviously, I can never say no to an opportunity to wear my Dee Keller pink heels. Pink heels? Enough said.

Yellow Printed Gap Peplum

Colorblocked Spring Outfit

Dee Keller Pink Mallory Heels

Gap Printed Peplum Top | Gap Tailored Shorts | Dee Keller Mallory Heels | Kate Spade Pink Earrings (similar)

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7 thoughts on “Spring Colorblocking

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  2. FashionEdible

    Seriously, those heels are amazing. And I think yellow is such a pretty color. Unfortunately, it never looks quite right on me so I avoid buying it. But I do love it on other people!


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