Video: Kentucky Derby Cocktails

Happy Friday, everyone! It’s looking like it’s going to be a gorgeous weekend for the Kentucky Derby, which is awesome. I don’t have any set plans yet, but I’m hoping it involves a cute dress and a daytime drink.

Now, I’ve already covered Derby fashion here this week (see this post if you missed it), but what good would an oversized hat be if you didn’t have a cocktail in hand? I wanted to stick with drinks that were quick and easy to make, while also sticking to the mint julep theme. First, we have a Sparkling Mint Julep recipe (adapted from The Kitchen Is My Playground), because I can’t resist a glass of prosecco. Next, is a Blueberry Honey Mint Julep recipe (adapted from The Cookie Rookie). My boyfriend actually stopped in Cincinnati on his way home from work in Kentucky right after I made these, and he loved the Blueberry Honey Mint Julep. I figured he would, since the main ingredients are blended blueberries, honey and lemon juice.

I was a little rushed filming this, so sorry if it shows! I also was not thinking at full capacity yesterday, and filmed with my camera on its side, which is why it’s so tiny. My life. This serves as a reminder to not do things in a hurry!



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