One-Piece Wonders

I don’t think I’ve worn a one-piece since I was on swim team when I was younger. I pretty much lived in my sporty TYR swimsuit, and it was amazing. You could just glide through the water, and you felt like all your necessary body parts were safe and secure from wardrobe malfunctions. Granted, I didn’t have mishaps on the mind as a child, but as an adult it’s on the forefront of your mind (or mine, at least).

As much as I love bikinis, they aren’t always the most practical. I have a fuller chest, so there are times where I feel like a movie star of the adult variety when I just want to wear a cute suit. For years, I’ve struggled with finding a good alternative. Swimsuits were either for girls with no chest or overly large ones. Now don’t get me wrong. I have found some styles that seem to work for my size. Flowy crop top bikinis are a miracle if you’re opting for a two-piece. The real solution I’ve found? The one-piece. It seems obvious, but for years I completely neglected even looking for a one-piece suit. I had sworn them all off as ugly and matronly, but my interest started to gain traction the last few summers.

It seems like there are incredible varieties of one-pieces these days, and it’s actually the only kind of bathing suit I’ve been shopping for this year. Isn’t it crazy how things change? I ordered my first “big girl” one-piece a few months ago from Anthropologie. It’s by the brand Touche, and it was love at first sight. It kind of has a Burberry-esque feel to it, don’t you think?

When it came in the mail, I was amazed at the fit. I felt secure in all the right places, but still feminine and youthful.

Anthropologie One-Piece Swmimsuit

Because my love for one-pieces has been revived, I wanted to share some other adorable options that have caught my eye. Seriously, there are so many styles out there right now! The one-piece is officially back.

One-Piece Swimsuits Women

Mikoh One-Piece via Nasty Gal | Kate Spade Playa Flamingo One-Piece

Ted Baker Striped One-Piece | Zimmerman Garden Gaze Maillot via Anthropologie


8 thoughts on “One-Piece Wonders

  1. therealjlow

    I love these suit! but as a fellow busty I always worry about the ‘girls’ looking odd if not supported? How have you found this one in that regard?

    great post


    1. Baubles to Bubbles Post author

      I’ve actually found that the one piece design supports mine pretty nicely! I think because it’s so fitted, you feel snug and secure. It kind of smooths them, and almost makes them look less large (which I think is a good thing!)

  2. FashionEdible

    This suit is ADORABLE. I seriously love it. There are so many one piece suits out there now that are totally chic (so much better than one piece suits from several years ago). I tend to look best in cutout suits kind of like the one from Nasty Gal. And Mikoh has such cute pieces!


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