A Quick Hello

Just wanted to say a quick hello, since it’s been a little quiet on my blog! I got back from Siesta Key late (11:30 pm) Saturday night, and discovered we had no internet connection. It got fixed Sunday evening, but I decided to take advantage of the extended “vacation” from technology. I spent my entire Sunday catching up on all the Bravo shows I missed while I was gone. Sidenote: does anyone watch Odd Mom Out?! My mom and I love it, and I think it’s a perfect addition to the Bravo lineup.

I wanted to share a few pictures from my trip (which absolutely flew by) today. I actually thought I would have taken a lot more, but my entire family was on the trip so I was trying to be fully in the moment the entire time. You try to get as much bonding in as possible when you have family that lives out of town. I did take some outfit pictures in Florida, so those will be up later this week.

Venice Florida Restaurant

I finally got to wear this outfit from Coup D’etat Vintage! I got it months ago, and thought Florida was the perfect place to rock the floral pattern. We went to the Crow’s Nest in Venice this night, and got a few pictures as a massive storm was rolling in. It looked like a tornado was on its way because the sky was an unfortunate shade of yellow. Not the best weather when you want to show off a colorful outfit!

Big Olaf Ice Cream Siesta Key

On our second night, we went to Big Olaf after dinner. Because my nut allergy is awesome and prevents me from ever eating dessert, I got to watch everyone else enjoy their ice cream. Judging by the looks and smell of it, it was good. Sigh.

Old Salty Dog Siesta Key

Because I had to get an artsy shot in, I thought these lights at the Old Salty Dog were so cute. It made me want a cute outdoor space to decorate!

Old Salty Dog Siesta Key

Palm Tree Sunset

Living in the Midwest, it’s always so exciting to see palm trees when you hit Florida. I’m actually sad that I’m back in Ohio with normal trees and not palm trees. Palm trees are so much prettier!

Siesta Key Beach

The above picture was taken with my iPhone, but how perfect does this look? I love the Gulf of Mexico, and the beaches of Siesta Key are gorgeous.

St. Petersburg Dining

I honestly don’t remember the name of this restaurant, but it was in the St. Petersburg area. My boyfriend’s dad was actually in town visiting friends, and we didn’t find out until halfway through our trip. It was a weird coincidence, so we made the hour drive to St. Petersburg and had lunch at the above Italian restaurant. It was adorable, and the food was amazing. I’m Italian, and this place felt extremely authentic. The yellow facade was also a plus!


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