Happy Friday!


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It’s been a pretty quiet week here on my blog. In reality though, quiet is the the last word I’d use to describe this recent Monday-Friday. Between lots of work and lots of play (I’ll admit it, there was a lot of fun involved), I kind of lost track of any spare free time I had this week. You know when you’re constantly on the go and you have this energy that keeps you going, even though you feel like you can crash at any second? Then you get like a five minute moment of silence, and you just completely shut down physically and mentally? That was me the past few days. I’ve rarely “crashed” from exhaustion, but wow this week has really did a number on me! I guess that’s the ultimate sign of a successful and full day? That’s what I’m going with, at least!

I’m heading to Cleveland today to visit my boyfriend for the weekend. I like visiting him more in the summer because I’m a baby in those cold Cleveland winters. I don’t know how you do it, Clevelanders. It’s going to be a fun trip, despite the fact that I have not packed a single thing at the time of this post. Maybe I should go do that now…

Have a good weekend!


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