Bedroom Inspiration

bedroom inspiration

Today I wanted to share some snapshots from my bedroom, aka my happy place. Unfortunately, my “happy place” is all packed up right now since my lease ended in June. I filmed a bedroom tour a few months back, but nothing beats pretty pictures. Another reason for the pictures? I want to remember my setup so I can replicate it in my next place! I felt so happy and at ease when I was in this room, and it was a dream decorating it.

 I’ve become obsessed with interior design since I had to decorate my bedroom last summer. When I moved in, the room was a dark shade of blue/grey. I wasn’t working with much, so I started by painting it white. I knew I wanted a white room to start with. Then the plan was to incorporate black, gold and pops of color.

Honestly, I could have decorated a lot more. After I dropped some serious cash on everything (I bought everything you see in here), I told myself there was no point in going all out since I was only going to be there a year. I also didn’t want to skimp on what I did buy because it doesn’t make sense to spend good money on stuff I don’t really like. So basically, everything I got is what I wanted, but I stopped myself from buying too much to fill a room I only had for twelve months.

Bedroom Inspiration

bedroom inspiration ideas - How to Decorate a White Dresser

If I had to describe my bedroom style in a few words it would be feminine, glamorous, colorful and sophisticated. That’s a lot of words, but it what I think of when I look at my room. I spent a ton of time on Pinterest when I was shopping, and it really helped! You get an idea of what you like and don’t like, which is nice. There are a ton of pictures in today’s post, but I wanted to share every aspect of it. Decorating really is a process, and I can’t explain how exciting it is when you feel like everything perfectly fits together!

Gold Mirror

This tissue box might take the prize for most fun box of Kleenex.

It was part of a Betsey Johnson x Kleenex collaboration, and let’s just say I used these tissues sparingly. I’m regretting not buying more boxes!

Since I wanted to add some pops of color, I thought this pink pot from Hobby Lobby was perfect. I took it to a florist I know, and she added this bright green plant. I have no idea what it’s called (I’m terrible), but it’s a great fit for this pot. It ended up being the perfect desk accessory.

Gold Scroll Headboard - bedroom inspiration

What I anticipated being the hardest part of the decorating process actually ended up being the easiest!

My mom and I had just begun our online search for headboards when we typed “gold headboard” into Google. One of the first results was this gold scroll headboard from Montgomery Ward. The site no longer carries it, but I found it on Seventh Avenue for the same price!

Bedroom with Pops of Color

This is where most of the color came together in my room.

I found this Oliver Gal Hipster Mapa Mundi canvas on Joss & Main, and I probably spent two days talking about it before pulling the trigger. If I had to describe myself in canvas form, this would be it. It’s even more eye-catching in person!

The two green alliums are from CB2. There’s a large and small option (I got one of each). They’re easy, and make for a great piece of decor.

Black and White Argyle Rug

I knew I wanted to incorporate black in some way, but wasn’t sure how.

This black and white argyle rug from Wayfair instantly sold me. The scroll detail along the trim tied together nicely with my headboard, and helped tie together all my decor. I couldn’t find this exact rug, but found a very similar one on!

Argyle Rug with Gold Headboard - bedroom inspiration ideas

Candy Apothecary Jar

I’m not a big candy girl, but I am obsessed with apothecary jars.

I could probably fill an entire house full of apothecary jar decor. I have to practice major self-control when I’m at Michael’s and Hobby Lobby. Have you seen their selection?! The above one is from Michael’s, and makes for a great candy jar. If you’re wondering, yes, I only eat red and yellow Starburst. That means the gross pinks and oranges are for decorating only.

CB2 Gren Allium

Gold and White Women's Bedroom Decor

Laurence King Fashion Journal

This is a close-up shot of my desk.

I use this Laurence King fashion notebook to write down any notes for my blog. Honestly, I love the vintage vibe to it. I got it at High Street, and I highly recommend anyone in the Cincinnati area go there to get some major interior design inspiration!

Gold Polka Dot Wall Decals

I got this mirror from Hobby Lobby, and let’s just say it looked way different when I bought it. It was a rustic shade of blue, and had a distressed look to it. I used Gold Krylon spray and completely transformed this into the mirror of my dreams!

Lucite and White Chair

One of my biggest bedroom goals was to find a lucite chair.

I have a thing for anything lucite, and was adamant on having an acrylic chair. Most of the options I found were extremely expensive and pretty modern. When my mom found this acrylic chair on Wayfair, I think I went to home decor heaven.  It’s feminine and has some character, too! It’s one of my favorite pieces I own.

Oliver Gal Hipster Mapa Mundi Canvas

Ombre Glitter Champagne

About halfway through my lease, I brought my bar cart over and put it in the corner. That little corner was pretty barren, and I just thought it would be fun to say I had a bar cart in my room. It wasn’t really utilized, other than to display cute bar accessories, like this champagne bottle and striped straws. The bar cart was a Christmas gift from my parents. My mom did an amazing job of finding a bar cart that was perfect for me. It was another Wayfair purchase!

Pink Painted Nightstand

You may remember this DIY pink nightstand from my first YouTube video. It belonged to my grandma, and I was on a mission to repurpose it. I added some sparkly flower knobs from Hobby Lobby, and brought it back to life. I also used these same knobs on my dresser.

Pink Potted Planter

Urbanwalls Gold Polka Dot Wall Decals

One of my design essentials was gold polka dots. I’ve seen so many gorgeous rooms that used gold wall decals, and I knew I wanted to use them, too. Urbanwalls makes amazing decals, and they were easy to put up and take down. These gave my room a fun and whimsical feel, and I’d probably buy more for my next bedroom!

bedroom inspiration - Women's Gold Bedroom Decor


9 thoughts on “Bedroom Inspiration

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  2. Alexandra Newman

    Such a beautiful room! It is so inspiring, light and colorful! I also like to take pictures prior to moving so I can put everything back in order! <3

  3. Bethann of Bethanimalprint

    Such cute ideas! I love the apothecary jars. I have developed a bit of a jar obsession lately & have found some super cute ones at H&M and Etsy (just a tip if you’re in the market). I’ll eat all the candy out of it for you! 🙂

  4. FashionEdible

    You’re the second person I’ve met who doesn’t love pink starburst. Your lucite chair is amazing and looks beautiful with everything else. I’m a Hobby Lobby fan and always make sure I use one of their online coupons – it makes shopping there even more appealing! A tip for your favorite kleenex box – I once had a kleenex box that I loved (matched my decor to a T) and so I kept it for years. Every time I emptied it, I just took a stack of tissues from one of those “ugly” boxes, folded them as a whole in half and then carefully inserted them into the box. Refilling boxes works and you get to keep your favorite ones without having to save tissues for emergencies 🙂


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