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Colorful Picnic Blanket Ideas

Sorry for my radio silence the last week! Between work, my boyfriend visiting and getting settled into a new place, I haven’t had any downtime. The downtime I have had lately has been spent getting a little bit of sleep. I’m out of commission if I don’t get a good night’s sleep. Anyway, Joe and I had an incredible weekend that including a lot of lounging. This might be the least social we’ve ever been during our relationship, but it was nice getting to spend literally every minute just with each other. When you don’t live in the same city, you appreciate the times that you do get to spend together!

One of the reasons we were so sloth-like this weekend is because I experienced a raging migraine. I’ve never really classified my headaches as migraines before, but after doing some research, I definitely have had a few of them. We went to dinner at Sotto, and shortly thereafter a pounding headache set in. Long story short, the night ended with me in bed in the fetal position thinking my head was exploding, and Joe running to Kroger at 12:30 a.m.

Barefoot Bubbly Champagne

To make up for our less than exciting Saturday night, we decided to have a Sunday evening picnic to toast the end of the weekend. I can’t explain to you how much I’ve been wanting to have a picnic, especially this summer! Picnic fever has been running rampant over here, so when Joe was down for one, I got so excited. It’s such a cheap and easy idea for a date, and you get to have fun planning everything out.

I spent about an hour browsing Pinterest to get food ideas, but didn’t end up using any of the recipes I found. You kind of get overwhelmed planning a last minute picnic, so we went to the store and just bought some random food to snack on. I made myself some caprese, and Joe cooked some crab cakes before we left and packed them in the picnic basket.

Devou Park Kentucky

I was most excited about popping a bottle of champagne on our picnic, but we saw a bunch of signs forbidding alcohol at the park, so we both kind of panicked when we saw how many people were hanging out there. We were going to try and be sneaky, but we got cold feet. It still made for a good photo op!

Our destination is really what made the picnic complete. We went to Devou Park in Kentucky so we would have a good view while we ate. There are some amazing views of the Cincinnati skyline from Kentucky, so this made for the perfect picnic backdrop. I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect end to the weekend.

Devou Park Kentucky

Kate Spade Striped Plate

This picnic “blanket” is actually a tablecloth! I got it at Kroger recently, and knew I had to have it. It actually made for a great blanket, and I love the colorful chevron pattern. It wasn’t the biggest, but I’d argue that it is the cutest option!

I also got these gingham plates at Kroger, too. Can you tell I’ve been really into patterns this summer? I’m such a gingham girl, so I couldn’t say no when I saw these plates! It’s pretty crazy how well this striped Kate Spade plate went with the blanket. I mean, the colors are almost spot on! This is my first piece of Kate Spade china, but I’m thinking it won’t be my last ;).

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  2. FashionEdible

    Oh this is adorable! I love this picnic and seriously, that view! Going on a picnic is a to-do on my bucket list – summer is winding down so I really need to get a start on planning one if I want to do it before summer ends. Sorry to hear about your headache – I know those are never fun. Maybe this weekend will be a bit better!



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