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I can’t believe how quickly the week went by! I don’t have a single social commitment this weekend, and I’m kind of excited about it. I need sleep. Even though I’ve slept well this entire week, I’ve still felt so drained each day. I think that’s a sign of how much we all do in the summer. I know I’m on the go all day and then usually have post-work meetings or commitments afterward. By the time you get home and sit down, I think it hits you how tired you are. That’s the case for me, at least. At least these busy days are making me sleep like a baby!

If you’re looking for a song to become obsessed with, I have one for you that I cannot stop listening to! Seriously, it probably gets played 10 times a day. If you loved the Clean Bandit song “Rather Be”, then you’ll love Jess Glynne’s “Hold My Hand”! She’s actually the one who signs on the “Rather Be” track, and I love her voice. “Hold My Hand” is upbeat and fun, and a great song to pump you up for the weekend.

House Beautiful recently published a guide to sparkling wines. Of course, I perked up when I read this because I love anything sparkling. Since there are so many sparkling options out there, it can be tricky knowing the differences between them. This guide will help!

Sparkling Wine Guide

Dori Csengeri makes jewelry that is unique and statement-making, and these earrings are no exception! I love when a designer successfully mixes a bunch of colors into one piece, which is why I was drawn to these. These also happen to be clip-ons, so your ear lobes won’t pull as much when wearing them. I know I avoid heavy earrings at all cost. Nobody wants droopy ears!

Dori Csengeri Earrings


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