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A few weeks ago, the ladies of Thread Cincinnati enjoyed a gorgeous evening on a rooftop with the talented Gild Collective team.

From left to right: Baubles to Bubbles (moi), Liz of 26 & Counting, Karen of blanc X noir, Katie of OUT + OUTFIT, Tamia of The Style Sample and Preeti of ninesto5.

Thread Cincinnati

If you haven’t heard of Gild, I have a feeling you’re going to love the concept. Essentially, they help you throw a craft party for you and your best friends! It’s that simple, but so amazing. You pick a project from their site, book the party online and then invite all your friends to get crafty. Gild provides all the supplies for the crafts, so there’s really not too much work going into it. Once you book the party, your friends can purchase their craft kits online and that’s it. Gild even sends out the invites to your guests! Guys, this whole process is so easy and stress-free. I wish more things in life could go this smoothly. The whole concept really revolves around having fun and learning a new skill with your closest friends. It’s a great confidence builder, too.

Gild Collective

There are three types of parties you can choose from: hostess led, instructor led and local artisan parties.

With the hostess-led parties, the hostess has a set of instructions to follow, and they also send over a video for everyone to watch. This is great for a more laid back environment, and if you’d like to move at your own pace. With instructor-led parties, an instructor comes to the party and guides everyone along as they complete the project. Gild is currently looking to add to their arsenal of instructors, so let me know if any of you crafters are interested! Finally, there’s local artisan parties. These are similar to instructor-led parties, but for a more refined and expert level craft.

Gild Collective Jewelry

At our Thread Cincinnati party, we got to make jewelry. Obviously, this was right up my alley. I was a little overwhelmed at first (mainly because I was in heaven having tons of colorful gems just laying in front of me). The options were endless, and I didn’t know which route I wanted to go. I eventually got in the groove, and made six pairs of earrings! Each pair is different, so I’m excited with how they turned out. I’m going to share the finished product in a post next week.

Gild Collective Crafts

I also have some exciting news in case you want to book a Gild party! If you mention Thread Cincinnati or Baubles to Bubbles, you can get 20% off of your guests crafting kits. The hostess always receives a free kit, but how awesome is it that your friends can get a major discount? Make sure you mention this in the inquiry form, and you’re good to go!

I’m so excited to have collaborated with the Gild girls, as they are extremely nice and driven. It’s so refreshing seeing people pursue their passion, especially when the concept is so fun but educating. I had no clue I would be able to make jewelry, let alone six pieces of it. It really is a confidence booster once you feel like you accomplished something you didn’t think you had the skill set for. Thank you for the newfound skill, Gild Collective!

 Baubles to Bubbles

 Gild Collective

Thanks to Tiernae Salley for the amazing pictures from the party! Check out her website (she’s crazy talented).


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