Pink & Orange

  Pink and Orange Outfit Ideas

Color-blocking was my go-to this summer, and I’m planning on taking the style well into fall. I love color and summer, so it seemed like an obvious pairing to wear as much of it as possible during the hot months. I have a few key pieces in bold, solid colors that happen to mix and match perfectly, which is key. Try to stick to a theme when color-blocking. Don’t mix a pastel top with a vibrant, neon skirt. Pair pastels with pastels, and bold colors with other bold colors. It just works better.

Dee Keller Pink Heels

Pink and Orange Color Blocked Outfit

Colorblocked orange and pink outfit

Kate Spade Flower Necklace

It’s definitely harder to achieve the color-blocked look come fall and winter, but I’m sure I’ll find a way. This is me saying this as it hit 80 degrees today. I’m always optimistic about dressing cute in the cold, but when it comes time to do so, you’ll find me in UGGs and stretchy pants from J.Crew. For now, I’m reminiscing on colors and wearing my summer ones until the last possible moment of summer.

Orange Skirt with Pink Top

Pink and Orange Color Blocked Outfit

Pink Top with Kate Spade Necklace

Pink Top (similar) | Ann Taylor Skirt (similar) | Dee Keller Mallory Heels (similar) | Kate Spade Flower Necklace (similar from Kate Spade) | Tiffany Bone Cuff


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