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I’m ending this week on a high note, which is always a nice thing! I showed the sweetest woman one of my listings last night, and not only does she want to buy it (and use me as her realtor), but she also has a house she needs to sell and is going to use me to sell it. I’m only sharing this story because we bonded instantly, and what we bonded over is very blog appropriate.

When we first met, I noticed her incredible statement jewelry. Sometimes you have to test the waters with people you don’t know, but I instantly knew I had to give her props for her amazing statement necklace. That was all it took. That’s when I confessed I had a fashion blog, and can totally appreciate a woman with nice jewelry. She later took me to her house and showed me her insanely organized jewelry collection. I think it put mine to shame. We’re talking rows and rows of color-coordinated, intricate statement necklaces. It was heaven, and also some much-needed inspiration for me to get my baubles organized.

I hope everyone has a fun first weekend of fall!

My work and social schedule is pretty relaxed this weekend, so I’m taking advantage of this rare occasion by finally taking a sewing class! I got a sewing machine last Christmas, and haven’t even touched it since. Learning to sew has always been a lifelong goal of mine, especially since I grew up seeing all my grandma’s sewing materials (including a vintage sewing machine with a foot pedal). I have zero sewing skills, but this class is an introductory one, which is necessary for this novice. I’m going to Sewn Studio in Oakley, which is where I’ve been wanting to take a class since I got my machine!

Sewn Studio Oakley

Since it’s officially fall, I’m going to start sharing some fall drink recipes to get you in the mood. No, nothing pumpkin spiced latte’ish, but just some classic fall flavors. This Brandy Apple Cider cocktail from Holly’s Cheat Day combines so many timeless fall ingredients, it would be perfect to ring in the new season. Cinnamon, sugar, and apple cider always sound like a good combination to me!

Brandy Apple Cider Recipe

I treated myself to some late-night baubles Wednesday night from the J.Crew website. I have been loving their jewelry selection lately, so something compelled me to see what was new on the site at 11:45 p.m. Wednesday. Not only did I want all the new baubles, but they were having a random sale on a ton of new stuff! It was so random, and was ending in 15 minutes, so I pulled the trigger and got these earrings. I can’t wait to see them in person!

If you’re in the market for some fun, colorful jewelry you need to see what J.Crew has!

J Crew Statement Earrings


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  2. FashionEdible

    First of all, I love it when I run into a complete stranger that I instantly bond with. It’s amazing how you just click with certain people. Second, I’m pretty sure your bauble collection is much more organized than mine. Third, kudos to you for learning how to sew! What an awesome idea. Have a good weekend and hope those earrings arrive quickly!


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