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As you’re reading this, I’m wrapping up my short week in the Sunshine State. Yes, I’m in Florida (one of my favorite states because it reminds me of summer), but I will have spent my entire week without seeing a beach. I’m in Orlando for a work conference, and unfortunately it’s strictly work this trip. My dad and I work in real estate together, so it’s him, my mom and myself. Hey, maybe I’ll get a few minutes in the sun so I can bring back a tan as my souvenir. Fingers crossed!

I have been on the hunt for the perfect fall bootie. I’ve tried on the Sam Edelman Petty’s, but I thought they didn’t look right on me. I might have to try them again, but I’m very intrigued by this Jack Rogers pair I saw on Nordstrom’s website. Has anyone tried the Bailee ankle bootie?! I’m loving everything about it. The heel height, suede texture and color choices are all right up my alley. These might be the ones!

Jack Rogers Bailee

Fall is here, so I’ve been saving as many fall cocktail recipes as possible. I’ve never heard of apple cider margaritas, but they sound like the perfect mix of summer and fall! Plus, a margarita is always a necessary way to start the weekend after a long week of work. Recipe via A Nerd Cooks

Apple Cider Margaritas

Speaking of fall, House Beautiful is sharing 25 ideas for decorating your pumpkins. I honestly didn’t know there were options beyond carving a face into one, so this left me with some serious inspiration! I’m a sucker for color and sparkle, so I think the ones below are fitting. I think I know how I’ll be spending my weekend…

Colorful Confetti Pumpkins DIY

Have a good weekend, everyone!


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  2. FashionEdible

    I love those ankle boots! I never realized that Jack Rogers makes anything other than sandals! And an apple cider margarita sounds yummy. I just recently discovered alcoholic root beer and now I’m on the hunt for finding some! Enjoy the last bit of your time in FL – hopefully you do get some time in the sun 🙂



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