Feminine Simplicity

White Bell Sleeve Blouse

Full disclosure: if I look extremely uncomfortable in these pictures, it’s because a super creepy man was blatantly staring at me the entire time I took these. You always get people who look at you, but this guy would actually turn his body and just face me and stare. We tried to hide a little bit, and he would even move to look at me. Talk about disturbing!

Feminine Black and White Outfit Ideas

I am a complete sucker for feminine details on clothes. If it has a delicate, romantic touch, there’s a good chance I will probably buy it. Case in point: this pleated bell sleeve top from Zara.

I bought it about two years ago, and although I’ve only worn it a handful of times, I melt when I look at the sleeves. My fall style has actually been a huge 180 to my summer style. I love color, but I also love black and white. It seems like once fall hit, the color vanished from my wardrobe and it’s strictly black and white. I’m not mad about it, but it is funny to see how much your taste can change once the weather changes a bit.

Bell Sleeve Blouse

Mary-Jane Shoes

One area where my taste doesn’t change? These shoes. I’ve been told by people that I wear these way too often, but I don’t see anything wrong with that! When I find something I love, I wear the heck out of it. My only concern is that I’m going to wear the soles out because there on my feet too much. Luckily, there’s always room for more Mary-Jane’s in my closet!

On another fall-related note, my condo has completely transformed thanks to a Bath & Body Works candle. I’ve always heard the hype surrounding their candles, but never bought any to experience them myself. That all changed over the weekend when I popped into the store and snagged a few essential fall scents for my place. I bought Sweater Weather and Autumn, and my life is forever changed. If I see you in person, I apologize in advance because it’s all I seem to talk about lately. I’m officially a crazy candle lady.

Feminine Fall Outfit Ideas

Zara Pleated Bell Sleeve Blouse (similar) | Madewell A-line Skirt (similar) | Vince Camuto Mary-Jane Heels (similar) | BaubleBar Necklace (similar)


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