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My weekend plans are pretty calm until Sunday arrives. I’m waking up at the crack of dawn Sunday morning and heading to Columbus to watch my boyfriend run the marathon. He’s the one running so I shouldn’t complain about driving, but I am not a morning person, especially on a weekend! It’ll be fun though, and he’s an incredible runner which means I won’t be waiting long. After that, I’m heading right back home to partake in some Thread Cincinnati projects. I’m thinking I should save up my energy today and tomorrow.

Now that it’s sweater season, I’ve had my eye out for some serious statement sweaters. I have a hard time dressing true to my style once it gets cooler. I’m into color, texture and anything else that makes a piece unique. That’s kind of hard in the fall and winter when everything seems to be neutral colors and simple, classic designs. When I stumbled upon this Tory Burch fringe sweater, I got some serious inspiration. This is my dream sweater because it has some personality, but still keeps you warm (which is essential for us perpetually cold girls). Plus, the fringe detailing is tastefully done, so it’s anything but tacky. Might have to look for some affordable, similar options!

Tory Burch Fringe Sweater

I love anything and everything raspberry flavored. This cranberry raspberry punch would be perfect for the holidays, but I thought it sounded too good not to share. Recipe and image via Carl’s Bad Cravings.


Have you checked out the 20 Most Beloved Places on Pinterest? There’s probably some places we all have on our Pinterest boards, but I especially loved this shot of the Amalfi Coast!

Amalfi Coast


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  1. FashionEdible

    Oh, the Amalfi Coast is beautiful! Someday I will make it there but until then, I do love looking at photos. And I’m totally in agreement with you over the sweater – it’s perfect. I love how the fringe isn’t extreme but slightly understated. So beautiful. Enjoy your weekend and hopefully you’re wide awake for the marathon!



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