DIY Tinsel Drink Stirrers

I’m so excited about today’s blog post! These colorful DIY tinsel drink stirrers are so easy to create, and they make for a fun party accessory. Plus, as perfect as these are for the holidays, they really are appropriate for year-round use!

You can customize this as much as you’d like depending on what type of garland you get. I had planned on doing gold drink stirrers, but was surprised when both Michael’s and Hobby Lobby didn’t have any. That’s when I saw this multicolored garland with silver accents. I knew I could make magic happen with this stuff. I’m happy that I went with this garland because each stirrer ends up looking different since there’s so many colors. It adds a nice pop of color to your bar setup. These would be perfect for a New Year’s Eve party!

DIY Tinsel Drink Stirrers

What you’ll need:

-strand of garland (I got this from Michael’s)

-glue (a hot glue gun works great)


The process of making these is incredibly easy, so rest assured that this is a stress-free DIY! The hardest part is choosing which color tinsel/garland you’re going to go with.

DIY Tinsel Drink Stirrers


1.Depending on how large you want the tinsel to look on the stirrers, you can cut 1 inch or half inch sections off the garland. I veered more toward the inch side, and as you can see mine are a pretty generous size.

2.Dab some glue around the top of the skewer.

3.Take the cut piece of tinsel and wrap it around the glued part of the skewer. Pinch it for at least 10 seconds to ensure it sticks.

4.Allow glue to dry for 1 hour.

Like I said, this is foolproof! You can knock one of these out in a minute once you get the hang of it. Sure, not every cocktail calls for a stirrer, but let’s face it: these are adorable, and to me that’s reason enough to stick it in my drink!

DIY Tinsel Drink Stirrers & Lamarca Prosecco


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