My Holiday Decor

Glamorous Christmas Decor

Happy Christmas week! This might be a little late to the game, but I wanted to share how I decorated my condo this year. It’s the first time I’ve been completely on my own without roommates, and I’ll admit it was pretty fun getting to pick out everything I love. Not having to make sure your taste fits in with everyone else’s is nice, and it was my excuse to buy all sorts of holiday decor goodies.

Despite how it might look in pictures, my place clocks in just under 800 square feet. That’s far from large, but the living area is nice and open, making it feel like the perfect amount of space. I stuck to decorating just this area this year because I’m trying to take baby steps and not go too overboard.

How To Decorate a Condo For Christmas

Let’s start with the tree. I obviously knew I wanted a tree of some sort, but when you’re a 25 year old girl living in a high rise, you have to get practical. My family gets a real tree, and while I love the real deal, it’s just not feasible at this point in my life. Feeling like I was in quite the pickle, all my problems were solved when I saw this champagne colored tree at Hobby Lobby. You heard that right, champagne colored. I pretty much had to buy it from that fact alone.

Skinny Gold Christmas Tree

It’s six feet tall, skinny, and a gorgeous shade of pale gold. The branches were a little messed up after I took it out of the box, but that side is hiding against the wall.

How To Decorate a Condo For Christmas

Miniature Ornaments

Since this is supposed to be an accent piece and not really a focal tree, I opted for miniature ornaments instead of the big ones. They came assorted in a box, and I went for the blue, purple, green and pink color scheme. There’s matte, glitter and disco ball finishes, so there’s a pretty good variety. My tree skirt is pure gold glitter, and it’s amazing.

Miniature christmas ornaments

Pink Disco Ball Ornament

Gold Glitter Wreath

Another new favorite is my gold glitter wreath, also from Hobby Lobby. It’s made up of gold glitter balls, and I’ve been eyeing it since last year. It sold out before I could buy it last season, so I swooped it up this year to avoid any problems. Since I have yet to find good wall decor, I put this right above my couch to add some life to this boring wall. I’m trying to convince myself that this could be a year-round wreath.

Gold Glitter Wreath

Coffee Table

For the coffee table, I decided to keep it simple and only add this sparkly tabletop tree I got from Target last year. I love this thing, and wish I would have bought more of them because they’re so simple, but add so much pizazz.

Gold Glitter Tabletop Christmas Tree

My mom gave me some extra mini lights she had, but I wasn’t initially sure where to put them. Then I had the idea of  laying them along my windowsill (which runs the length of my living area). So simple, but so perfect! They add a nice touch to my place, and I love that it illuminates the whole wall without detracting from the awesome city view.

How To Decorate with Christmas Lights

 Go Find yourself world map pillow

It’s not much, but I think it’s the perfect amount of holiday decor at this point in my life. I’m sure the collection will grow as the years go on, but I wanted to share for those living in a condo or apartment (or a small space in general) who might be at a loss for decorating ideas. Happy holidays!


4 thoughts on “My Holiday Decor

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  2. Grace Silla

    Olivia, I love what you’ve done with your place. First, your view (at least what I can see of it) looks amazing! I know it’s not Christmas decor but I LOVE that map pillow – so charming! And I love your well-placed use of lights and that glorious tree. Now I’m realizing I’ve a long ways to go in terms of decorating our place! Haha. Have a wonderful Christmas!


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